New Interfaces in New York


There is no doubt that the New York region is currently experiencing a heyday, of sorts, for new media. Centered in New York and reaching its tentacles out into Brooklyn, Queens, and many parts of New Jersey, the 'scene' on the east coast is thriving, and diverse, as evidenced by the ambitious lineup at this year's New York Electronic Arts Festival (NYEAF), which is produced by Harvestworks, the NYU Music Technology Program, and LEMUR, among other partners. At the heart of this year's festival (which features a number of exhibitions, conferences, screenings, and performances) is NIME, the 7th annual New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference. Previously known by the slightly less catchy title, 'Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems,' NIME presents the most interesting, innovative, and risk-taking contemporary musicians, composers, performers, sound artists, and music theorists working today, all of whom include technology in their practice. This year's NIME places particular emphasis on robotics and promises to deliver 'feats of musical athleticism beyond the capacity of even the most amazing human performer.' NIME and the entire NYEAF run through June 10. - James Petrie