VIVOARTS, Art and Biology Workshop


VIVOARTS, Art and Biology Workshop
HIBRID DNA ISOLATION: A Hobbyist Workshop and an Exploration of the Unnamable
Directed by Adam Zaretsky

Date: June 7, 8 pm
Location: Centre d'Art Santa Mònica
Rambla de Santa Mònica, 7
08002 Barcelona

Adam Zaretsky will guide this hands-on lab and discussion on extracting andisolating Hybrid DNA. Emphasis is given to the unknowable, personal naming of the unnamed and visible versus invisible enigma.
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is found in all living cells. These cells can be of plant, animal, fungus, bacterial protozoa and even viral particles. Many varieties of samples can be taken from various food, pets, pests, human bodies, laboratories and free or not so free living portions of the outdoors. Some recently alive 'materials' that you think might not have DNA are worth testing through extraction. Different cellular or multi-cellular organisms can be encouraged to grow by giving them food and an otherwise sterile and comfortable place to live.
Participants are requested to supply one or more samples of living, growing, raw or recently alive materials for Isolation and purification of an admixture of these samples. Everyone must bring a sample of DNA with them to put n the blender, animal, vegetable, human, animal, fungus, mold, bacteria, dirty underwear or whatever is alive or uncooked.

Organized by CAPSULA as part of Días de Biarte07
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