Hybrid Art awards


The winners of ars electronica are online. There is this new Hybrid Art I was particularly curious about. I feel that its boundaries should be made a bit clearer but I can't think of many art groups who deserved a Golden Nica more than Symbiotica.

An award of distinction in that category was given to Wim Delvoye for the ultra-famous Cloaca, an installation that gulps food and mechanically processes and produces what is under scientific examination impossible to differentiate from human excrement.

The other distinction award went to Biological Habitat: Breeding Spaces Technology, Made in Space, by Zbigniew Oksiuta, which explores possible ways to grow new forms of life in outer space.

Honorary mentions went to Andrew Gracie and Brian Lee Yung Rowe of Hostprods for Autoinducer_Ph-1 (cross cultural chemistry); Blast Theory for Day of the Figurines; Masaki Fujihata's Unreflective Mirror; Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand for Camera Lucida; Beatriz da Costa with Cina Hazegh and Kevin Ponto for Pigeon Blog.

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