Tis the Season


It's that time of year again. As many readers will know, a plethora of international art collectors and galleries are about to descend upon Miami, Florida's shores for a frenzied weekend of the art fairs Basel, NADA, Scope, Pulse, et al. My inbox is already filled with messages from galleries announcing their special projects. While business-as-usual is the bottom-line, Fountain Miami has a rather distinct agenda. Founded in New York City in March 2006, Fountain is "a guerrilla-style art fair... an effort to leverage support for independent galleries largely overlooked by corporate-sponsored art fairs." The fair will run rom December 6-9, featuring 14 galleries from Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Miami including Ad Hoc Art, Front Room Gallery, Glowlab, and Steven Gagnon Projects among others. Brooklyn's new media space VertexList will be exhibiting works by JODI, Paul Slocum, Ernesto Restrepo, CJ Yeh, and more. Slocum's always enjoyably-analogue music project, Treewave, will be performing at the fair's opening night on December 7th. And on Saturday, Glowlab artist Bethany Bristow will create an outdoor installation around the exhibition space. While the 'peripheral' fairs can quickly become absorbed into the larger fold, let's hope Fountain maintains its experimental and independent spirit.