Locate This


"Uruguay's capital Montevideo is soon to be re-named Montedvd to make it sound less eighties." "Kyrgyzstan is the world's leading exporter of typos." So are the 'facts' laid out in Craig Robinson's new book Atlas Schmatlas. Known by many as the creator of the website flip flop flyin, Robinson has been entertaining us for many years with his light and self effacing website which is part gallery, part blog, part sketchbook, and part television station. Widely recognized for his Mini Pops, pixilated portraits of international celebrities, Robinson also chronicles the life of David with the One long Arm and his own questionable life choices in What If. Not his first foray into cartography (see 2005's fantastic Mapping Bruce) Atlas Schmatlas is loaded with beautiful maps and some real but mostly made up facts about the world. It could be said to be a humorous reflection of an increased cultural and artistic interest in centralized mapping and locative systems. However, it could also be said to be a charming (or irritating, depending on your perspective) and only slightly problematic text that reduces the cultures of the world to pixelized caricatures and a few witty lines of text.