Sonic Utopia


Nodar, a small village in the north of Portugal, has since the beginning of 2006 hosted an innovative residency program for new media artists promoted by Binaural, a non-profit organization devoted to the exploration of sound within contemporary art. The artists develop their projects in a communal environment, and later show them both in the region and in different cities across the country. This Thursday, a new series of presentations is starting, featuring artists such as o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi), Rui Costa & Manuela Barile, Nilo Gallego, and Maile Colbert. The first event, taking place at a Barcelos institution, will be followed by other manifestations, amongst which one should highlight an evening of live performances at Lisbon's Ze dos Bois gallery on November 8th. There, Colbert will unveil 'Over the Eyes,' a work that considers collective memory by examining Nodar's wool industry, and Costa & Barile will reveal their latest installment of 'La Scatola,' a piece that addresses the notion of confinement by investigating mainstream representations of the 'I' and the 'other.' Bringing together experimental culture and the practices of everyday life, these artists thus engage with the politics of Western society, challenging its established ideologies with a utopian vision of the world. - Miguel Amado