Re-Emerging Fragments



Spain's LABoral Centro de Arte will soon be opening EMERGENTES, a traveling exhibition and publication that consists of 10 Latin American artists using science and technology to enact a "new socio-cultural interaction." Ranging from net-based projects to robotic installations, and including artists such as Santiago Ortiz, Mariano Sardon, and Mariela Yeregui, the exhibition presents a varied conceptual and formal experience. Focusing on artists who find themselves "defragmented, whether on the level of media or geography," the wider concerns seem to be reconceptualizing cultural participation vis-a-vis advanced technology. Indeed, given that several of the artists work outside of Latin America fully or at least partially, one of the exhibition's underlying investigations is how new technologies reconfigure geography and cultural identification. Of course all of these issues have no clear or definitive answer, so it seems appropriate that a number of the projects be works in progress. Accompanying the exhibitions will be a number of workshops and lectures, including 'Biocollage' and the poetically titled 'You Arrived with the Breeze.' While technology, and the internet in particular, tend to collapse geographical distance, such an exhibition rooted in cultural geography offers some productive tensions.