Commercial Enterprise


Lumen Eclipse, a media art organization based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, champions the exhibition of the moving image in the public sphere--both on the street and online. Large outdoor video displays in Cambridge's bustling Harvard Square and on their website present a monthly series of original single channel works by artists, designers, and filmmakers. Drawing from the world of visual art, advertising, graphic art, cinema, and music, Lumen Eclipse offers viewers a wider picture of moving image culture than the art world often does. Their inclusion of work from the commercial sector reflects their own institutional make up. Not a 'non-profit' enterprise, Lumen Eclipse draws advertising revenues from their street installations and web sites and illustrates an interesting model for public art projects. And although their first year's roster included works by heavy weights Francis Alys, Michel Gondry, Brian Eno, and David Byrne (for the month of October they're profiling the work of animator/director Grant Orchard), their open submission policy and residency program promises to showcase a broad range of talents and genres. - Caitlin Jones