Spraypaint Math Art


Since its first appearance in 2002, Hektor has been exhibiting internationally on several occasions, drawing a lot of attention from both the contemporary art and technology worlds. Hektor, the brainchild of artist Jurg Lehni, is a portable spray-paint output device for laptop computers that brings together graphics and artificial intelligence. Although consisting only of two motors, toothed belts, and a can holder, Hektor replicates the motion of a graffiti artist's hand, producing formally engaging work. In Hektor's rare live actions, one notices the contrast between the low-tech dimension of the mechanism and the high aesthetics of its production, which grants a poetic quality to its existence. This can be witnessed next Thursday at the New York's Swiss Institute, which will host a 6-hour event in which Hektor meets Dexter Sinister, a duo known for their just-in-time workshop that collapses design and printing production into an anti-corporate activist process. Hektor will create a series of wall paintings in the Swiss Institute gallery and other areas informed by the 'Lissajous curves', a term mathematician Jules Antoine coined in 1857 to describe the graph of the equations that define complex harmonic motion. In an evening reuniting the ild trio of machines, humans, and mathematics, a re-imagining of the present visual culture will thus take place through the timely collaboration of Hektor and Dexter Sinister. - Miguel Amado