Softspace Heavyweights


Somewhere between the brick and mortar of traditional architecture and total-immersion fantasy interiors, many designers are increasingly using wifi, RFID, wearable computers, and other remote technologies to construct 'softspace,' ephemeral environments that manipulate light, heat, sound, and other experiential conditions in response to the actions of their inhabitants. London's Tate Modern is hosting a discussion on the design of softspace on Saturday, September 8th. The conversation will no doubt hinge on the social and phenomenological implications of the emerging design field with Tate curator Jane Burton, curator and critic Lucy Bullivant, and new media heavyweight Lev Manovich on the panel, but with designer Despina Papadopoulos and architects Usman Haque, Jason Bruges, and Daan Roosegaarde also in conversation, it promises to offer a solid look at current practices.