Aleksandra Domanovic Interview


We communicated with Aleksandra Domanovic via Word documents, and are very happy to bring you the results.

LUMEN ECLIPSE: How did you make D, E, G, A? What images were you working from, and how did you transform them? How was the sound track made?

ALEKSANDRA DOMANOVIC: I filmed different people, each singing the tone scale and some beats. One sound was chosen from each person and composed into a song using only the tones D, E, G and A, plus snare, hi hat and the base drum sound. I composed the song in After Effects, which was very strenuous, because I had to render bits and pieces every time I wanted to hear them. The video is synesthetic, each sound takes the shape of its waveform, behind which the singer is visible.


In conjunction with the inclusion of her piece "D, E, G and A" in their April program, Boston-based public art organization Lumen Eclipse posted a conversation with artist and VVORK blogger Aleksandra Domanovic. At the end of the interview, Domanovic provided a massive list of recommended links which are practically an art project unto themselves, and definitely worth combing through.

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