Rhizome Commissions Panel Videos Now Online


We've updated Rhizome's Vimeo and Video page with new clips from Rhizome's Commissions Panel held on October 11th. The last in a three part series, this event featured presentations by commissioned artists Will Pappenheimer, John Craig Freeman, Annie Abrahams, Nadia Anderson and Fritz Donnelly, Lee Walton, Marek Walczak, and Martin Wattenberg. The artists discussed their projects and larger bodies of work.

Big thanks to Rhizome's social media intern Jenny Braudaway for transferring these videos!

Rhizome Commissions '08 1/5 from Rhizome on Vimeo.

Rhizome Commissions '08 2/5 from Rhizome on Vimeo.

Rhizome Commissions '08 3/5 from Rhizome on Vimeo.