free103point9 Transmission Art Archive


Project Description: free103point9 Transmission Art Archive

free103point9 is in the process of building an archive identifying contemporary works within the genre of Transmission Arts.

This archive will serve as a resource for practicing artists to identify their works within the context of an emerging community of Transmission Art. Additionally this archive can aid the work of curators and scholars researching emerging practices in Media Art and Experimental Sound with respect to the topic of transmission.


free103point9 is in the process of building an archive for Transmission Art. The proposal will split the archive into two tiers. The first will, " a collection of primary source material contributed by and consisting of works from contemporary practicing artists, self-identified as working with topics related to transmission." The second will, " contributions from artists, curators, writers, and researchers to reflect, critique, consider, and respond to specific issues and topics related to transmission." free103point9 is especially eager to "interject and engage" with other fields, such as new media, within the second portion of this project. For a full description of the initiative, and to find out how to contribute, click here.

Originally posted on free103point9 Newsroom by Rhizome