Quasar is an immersive light and sound space made from prototype membranes and realized as an interactive light/sound object and comprised of a dense array of interlinked elements describing an intricate three-dimensional structure. The gallery is fitted with sensors that draw real-time data from the installation and the people within the exhibition, which is then synchronized with streamed real-time data of solar activity and nuclear processes provided by SLAC and NASA. This information is then fed back into the object through layers of LED strands, re-visualizing the space in order to create an interactive spatial experience.

Jean-Michel Crettaz
Aaron Bocanegra, MarkDavid Hosale, Duly Lee, Slac, Kavali
Opening Reception Jan. 25th 7-9pm
Exhibition Discussion Feb. 15th 7-9pm

Southern California Institute of Architecture
960 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
directions: http://www.sciarc.edu/portal/about/directions.html

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