Peace Zombie by Ben Fino-Radin


ben's net art piece for ignivomous :)

Peace Zombie, new work by Ben Fino-Radin on Ignivomous. Marisa Olson covered Fino-Radin in a December Rhizome Blog post. See below for artist's description of "Peace Zombie":

For this piece I used simple HTML, javascript and embedded quicktime videos to create a scene where a character is being brainwashed by a bombardment of ultra positive peace messages. The unsynchronized audio renders the message as unintelligible noise. The peace zombie is drooling. The zombie is dreaming of his own concept of radiant peace. It's happy drool. The peace message is being delivered by mystical machines of the past. Javascript snow is falling... just your average day on the internet.

The page is extra beefy and may take a while to load completely. Sorry if you're on dial-up.

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