Turbulence Spotlight: "Tulsita" by the Wa-KOW! Collective


Turbulence Spotlight: "Tulsita" by the Wa-KOW! Collective
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The Wa-KOW! Collective was founded on the idea that the distinctions between artistic media are problematic and productive rather than essential. Their primary goal is to find ways to blur those boundaries. The group--made up of poets, musicians, and photographers--works in and around the borders between text, sound, and image, exploring the relations between the three media and the nature of each type of media. Their artistic process evolved through organic collaboration. They visited specific sites in Tulsa and collected raw materials through writing, audio recording, and photography. The group then altered, edited, and arranged these materials, meanwhile incorporating samples from songs, films, texts and images related to Tulsa. The result of this collaboration is "Tulsita," an online flash-based environment that explores the cultural, ethical, and aesthetic experiences they have had living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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