André Avelãs: Untitled / Performance / Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland


In the context of the group show "Word Event"; at Kunsthalle Basel, artist André Avelãs installed his sound-installation "Untitled (Kunsthalle Basel)" consisting of used loudspeakers, amplifiers, record players and mixing consoles. The installation has been set up in different venues already, the first time in 2005 -- "Untitled (Rietveld)" -- and since then always changes a little bit. This video documents AAndré Avelãs performance on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "Word Event" at Kunsthalle Basel. André Avelãs(born 1976 in Caldas da Raihna, Portugal, lives and works in Amsterdam) is part of DNK Amsterdam, a concert series for new live electronic and acoustic music. Kunsthalle Basel, June 28, 2008.

Originally posted on VernissageTV art tv by Enrico