Massive Links! Events and Essential Web Documents Edition


  • Prompted by a lecture artist Marcin Ramocki was asked to give at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, Ramocki put together what is now a 13 page document on surf clubs. The document provides information ranging from the most basic observations about surf clubs and to much more complex structures. In particular, I liked the observations in section 4.5, which describe how communication works on these blogs (ie, posting organized content by a challenger, and its decoding by other participants). Ramocki's lecture is pretty much an essential web document on surfing clubs, so I anticipate discussing it a greater length on the blog.

  • The above is a small excerpt from Paddy/Art Fag City's "Massive Links!" post from earlier today. Ramocki's article provides a historical and conceptual framework for understanding surf clubs. While there's certainly been ample discussion surrounding the practice online, Marcin Ramocki's summation of the genesis and trajectory of surf clubs is an important contribution.

    Rhizome readers should also view the online exhibition "Professional Surfer," curated by Lauren Cornell, which brings together a number of the artists discussed in Ramocki's article.

    Originally posted on Art Fag City by Rhizome