Classic: Videos by Skot and Tina Frank


aka (audio by General Magic) from Tina Frank on Vimeo.

We have posted about the Vienna scene and the Austrian Abstracts here on previous occasions, but the video work that was central to that movement has generally not been available for viewing online. Therefore, it's with great pleasure we see that Tina Frank has posted some early videos to Vimeo. Let's hope other artists follow her initiative, it would be nice to have an online archive of these early experiments somewhere.

Shown above is the video AKA by Skot, produced for Gasbook 4. Skot was the name used by Tina Frank and Mathias Gmachl for a number of collaborations from 1996 to 2000. Gmachl is also one of the founders of farmersmanual, a collective that was central to the Vienna scene. "Aka" means "red" in Japanese, and the video was made with Image/ine software from Steim, one of the very first softwares to support realtime processing of video on a regular computer.


Generator.x posted two videos today by skot (Tina Frank and Mathias Gmachl) and Tina Frank. Frank was amongst a Vienna-based group of artists who experimented with code-based tools in the 1990s. Visit Generator.x for more information about the work produced by this circle.

Originally posted on Generator.x: Generative strategies in art & design by marius watz