The Face of Rhizome Knows Only Flash Photography


Executive director Lauren Cornell and Christopher Pappas responding surprisingly well to having had their picture taken four times.

I missed the VIP portion of Rhizome’s benefit last night, which means I have nothing but second hand reports on the honoring of artist Lynn Hershman Leeson and the founder of, Joshua Schachter. It's too bad because I hear Lynn Hershman Leeson delivered an incredibly moving speech, though I do have this great photo essay in it's place. I'm not much of a photographer, so my pictures weren't taken with any objective in mind, though I hope by some fluke they capture the high spirits of the evening, and general convivial vibe. Photographs after the jump. MORE

Paddy over at Art Fag City snapped some shots of the benefit last night. We will post our photos next week. Thanks to everyone- the party was a success!

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