Call for Submissions: Featured Online Artwork of Internet Week NY


Rhizome and Internet Week NY, an annual festival of events celebrating New York's thriving Internet industry and community, seek submissions for a new competition: the Featured Online Artwork of Internet Week NY.  Artists and innovators of any stripe are invited to participate by submitting existing or new works around the theme of Web 2.0.

Variously conceived as pioneering business paradigm, mass entertainment, hype or simply old hat, the concept of Web 2.0 has captured the public's imagination while the websites that have come to represent it, have captured the public's free time. Building on Rhizome’s 13-year history as a leading organization dedicated to the challenging and dynamic field of Internet art, we are seeking artworks that consider the Web 2.0 in all its complexity, from its underlying philosophy and history to the possibilities and also problems it opens up for the millions of users now online.  Relevant artworks will explore the formal mechanics of Web 2.0 websites, intervene in their rote operation, use them as a platform for performance, mine their databases for use as source material, or any other form of expression that turns Web 2.0 into art inspiration. The only stipulation outside this theme is that works be fully realized and viewable online.

The selected artwork will be featured on the Internet Week NY website for the duration of the festival (June 1 - 8, 2009) and permanently archived in Rhizome's singular archive of digital art, the ArtBase.

To enter the competition please e-mail a link to the work, a description, a bio and contact information to with the subject line "Internet Week".  The deadline for submission is May 29th.