Rhizome Community Campaign: Limited Edition Ringtones from Anamanaguchi and Extreme Animals


Members who contribute a $25 donation to Rhizome's Community Campaign will receive limited edition ringtones from Anamanaguchi and Extreme Animals.

Extreme Animals's DARK GREEN, video by Jacob Ciocci

Anamanaguchi makes loud and fast chiptune music with a hacked Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985. They composed the original soundtrack for Scott Pilgram vs the World: The Game,  and recently returned from a tour in Japan. You can check out their latest album Dawn Metropolis on their website.

Extreme Animals (Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman) blends together an unique combination of noise, dance music, and performance art. Over the last nine years, they have released numerous CD-Rs, tapes and videos, and regularly book DIY tours. Their ability to cross between fine art and music scenes has allowed them to play in galleries and museums, and underground music venues.

Both bands will be playing together in Ottowa, ON at SAW Gallery January 19th.