Rhizome Community Campaign: Jon Rafman


For our most generous supporters, we offer two high quality, archival prints by Jon Rafman from his New Age Demanded series. During the annual Community Campaign, all donations come with a limited edition art work from some of the great artists in our community. Support the arts this year by making a donation today.

New Age Demanded (Dubuftet)

Rafman has created two unique digital prints from his New Age Demanded series. The prints are 3-D models of Greek busts that incorporate Sci-Fi elements, which Rafman suggests “evoke the covers of records for long-lost Space Operas.” Each bust represents an individual existing within their own realm, and features the settings and recognizable features of each person it is modeled after. For the works for Rhizome, this includes the artists Franz Kline and Jean Dubuffet. The series takes its name from Ezra Pound’s poem, “Hugh Selwyn Mauberly,” which is partly about an aspiring young artist’s struggle to write poetry in a philistine age.