Rhizome Community Campaign Ends on 1/21/11


Hi Readers!

We have been pretty overwhelmed with support for our annual Community Campaign. We're really grateful, because we could not do without the support of our members. Our Campaign ends on 1/21/11, which is just over a week away, and we are so close to achieving our goal of $35,000. If you like Rhizome, and what we do and want to see us continue, please consider supporting us today. The amount of $35,000 is not arbitrary; it directly supports our Commissions Program (which will begin in February), this blog, and the efforts to run all of our other programs.

Arts organizations survive on the support of the publics they serve. Now is the time to become a member of Rhizome (for only $25/ a year). Our membership program offers a range of benefits, which will be enhanced when our new site launches. It's a worthwhile range of benefits, and your support will keep our programs running.

Thanks for your attention and involvement with Rhizome!