about the sound


about the sound. we wanted this: cacophony club idea - but with a lot of power. engagement and interruptions of engagement. 11 specific dj's and/or dj ideas to juggle control, more or less simultaneously.

power, cacophony, engagement and interruptions thereof were on high success: featuring Bon Louthan's voiced eternal countdown to midnight, Ryder Ripps on tripp pushing volume levels to breaking points, vocal artists on wireless mics free roaming the map.

getting all 11 DJs secured in the walls of #hi11 was on minor/major fail as Brian Degraw, Iceberg, & $hayne did not make it - but banging away despite the loss was the duo NGUZUNGZU, KINGDOM, FATIMA AL QADIRI & AZIZAMAN, DEE, COP-A-FEEL, and me TOTAL FREEDOM.

this clip is an audio tour idea of the idea... kind of. compiled by YUNG BUKKAKE and TOTAL FREEDOM