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Photograph of Johannes Mehserle taken by Oscar Grant with his cell phone
  • Oscar Grant’s photograph of transit police officer Johannes Mehserle is rare: a portrait of the photographer’s killer. Unlike the recent photograph that a politician captured in the Philippines, Grant’s photograph, taken moments before Mehserle shot him in the back, was intentional. (It's Never Summer). See also: Radley Balko’s “The War on Cameras,” explaining misguided laws on "wiretapping" that make audio and visual recording of police officers illegal
  • LulzSec is still at it. Keep an eye on their Twitter account (and retweets).Who are they? Do they have your account info?
  • Focusing is about saying no - Steve Jobs at 1997 WWDC.
  • IBM turned 100 yesterday. Check out Errol Morris' Centennial Film.
  • DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels (The Atlantic)
  • Story behind the Vancouver riot kiss photograph (The Guardian)
  • Paola Antonelli, Geoff Manaugh, Alexis Madrigal, Bruce Sterling,Massimiliano Gioni, and others contribute to this month's issue of Domus with a special focus on the open-source movement in design.
  • Graham Harman explains speculative realism and object-oriented philosophy in an interview with Mute magazine
  • Internet in a suitcase prototype for dissidents abroad. Suitcase will rely on a version of "mesh network" technology, which can connect devices like cellphones or computers, creating a web without a centralized hub. Thus, each innocuous-looking suitcase acts as a mini-tower that can bypass the official network. (The Atlantic)
  • Stanislaw Lem's Solaris finally has a direct-to-English translation. Here it is on Audible
  • Ingmar Bergman directed soap commercial
  • New Jonathan Lethem story in the Paris Review, free to read online.
  • Not a parody: The Ayn Rand Guide to Romance (Open Culture)
  • I generally use “writer” [on my census form] because it’s more boring than “filmmaker”. I don’t want people to ask me questions. Yesterday when I went through customs the customs guy asked me to describe the whole plot of my movie—this wouldn’t have happened if I’d put “writer” - Miranda July
  • Custom vibration option for iOS 5 Users can choose from several vibration patterns, illustrated above, or create your own by tapping on the screen at the desired tempo. Taps patterns are recorded and can be used for your phone’s vibration.
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