Rhizome Summer Fundraiser!


Travess Smalley , Acid Tundra On The Moon (2011)

Today, Rhizome is beginning a one-week fundraising drive to raise support for our programs. Proceeds will be specifically directed to our preservation program, which has gained incredible momentum in the past six months. During this time, we have re-launched our newly expanded ArtBase and have begun to create archival copies of all featured works.

This week only:

Make a $25 donation before June 11th and you will receive limited-edition desktop wallpaper from artists Francoise Gamma or Travess Smalley.

Make a $50 donation and receive limited-edition desktop wallpaper from both artists.

A donation from you today will help us preserve the field of internet-based art for future artists, students, curators, and fans of new media.

On behalf of everyone at Rhizome, thank you for your continued interest in born-digital art. Donate today!