Rhizome for Chelsea Sound



The Future is Fantastic (If You Want It)


CHELSEA SOUND is a day-long not-for-profit mini-festival of experimental sound on Saturday, October 27th in Chelsea's gallery district, organized and hosted jointly by Eyebeam, Printed Matter, Electronic Arts Intermix, Family Business.

Organized jointly by the four non-profits, Chelsea Sound will be a day-long event devoted to music in contemporary art - artists who make work with sound and musicians who draw inspiration from art. Taking place in Chelsea's Gallery District on Saturday, October 27th, the collaboratively-produced festival will include a series of performances, sound installations, and video screenings throughout the day across four venues. Performances are free and open to the public and will run between 2-9 PM.

With their varied missions and commitment to different media, each organization brings its own specific vantage point for looking at how artists and musicians fuel each other's ideas and work. 

In honor of the event, we would like to take a minute to highlight one upcoming sound related project we are working on at Rhizome:

Part of New Silent Series, The Future Is Fantastic (If You Want It) is a participatory performance of the collective, Fantastic Future's website, an open platform and archive for sharing and collaging feild recordings. Fantastic Futures is a collaborative team of students, artists, doctors, and future leaders from Iraq and the United States. For their recently completed Rhizome Commission, Fantastic Futures created a free and open online sound archive that examines concepts of time through the recording, collaging, and sharing of sounds between these two countries. To further explore shared experiences of time, memory, and trauma between countries in conflict, audience members will be blindfolded for a portion of the event to enhance a synesthetic experience—listening to light.

This event will take place 7PM Friday, November 9th, at The New Museum.