Rhizome in Brighton, Liverpool


Joanne McNeil, the editor of Rhizome, will be in the UK over the next two weeks, speaking at these upcoming events:


Improving Reality, organized by the Lighthouse Foundation, part of Brighton Digital FestivalSept 6, 2012

Session 1. The Edge of Reality: How do speculative fictions, alternate realities, and radically new conceptions of time help shape our experience of reality? Today, writers, designers and artists are working with techniques and ideas which only a few years ago would have been considered science fiction. This sessions presents tales from the edge of reality, near-future designs, unlikely inventions, time travel and atemporality. Speakers include Warren Ellis, Anab Jain, Leila Johnston, and Joanne McNeil.

Artist Talk, organized by FACT, part of the Liverpool Biennial
Sept 13, 2012

Come and join artists Anja Kirschner, David Panos and Jemima Wyman who are exhibiting at FACT as part of Liverpool Biennial. Alongside Joanne McNeil, Editor of Rhizome, they will explore and respond to provocations set by the Biennial's 2012 exhibition, The Unexpected Guest