Best of Rhizome: August 2013


Sara Ludy, GIF extract from House on Fire (2013). Music video for Outfit. 

This month, the most-read article on Rhizome was by our regular contributor Prosthetic Knowledge, who put together a set of artworks on the theme of polygon graphics glitches. The article was one of our most-commented upon of the month as well, with several users chiming in to add their own suggestions. It was a big month all around for Prosthetic Knowledge, who also published a nice collection of Net Artist Music Videos, and was listed in Wired's 101 Signals as an indispensable source for information about high-tech art projects.

Our open-access media conservation project XFR STN continues to roll on through September 7. Artists have brought in all sorts of media for preservation; we profiled two mind-blowing treasures to turn up as part of the process, a videorecording of a partly computer-generated VJ performance from the 1980s, and a digital vector-based animation from 1982. 

In August, we mourned the loss of the great Red Burns, and revisited Jason Huff's 2011 article about her ITP Department at NYU. We also said farewell to Allan Sekula, and remembered the time he swam past Bill Gates' house and wrote him a letter about it.

Nicholas O'Brien wrote an article about video games and their artistic possibilities, and we expect to see more from him on that over the next few months. Stephanie Bailey wrote about London artist-run project Auto Italia South East and their latest take on precarity and immaterial labor. Orit Gat discussed Dia's ongoing series of web-based commissions and Laylah Ali's latest effort, and Sam Hart wrote about MoMA’s first major exhibition dedicated to sound art.

We looked through works from the International Teletext Art Festival, and we republished an interview with participating artist Hans Bernhard of Ubermogen about his love for 'My Little Pony. We also ran a number of posts drawing attention to recent indivual projects of note: Vince McKelvie's 3dGif, Marc Ngui's illustrations for A Thousand Plateaus, and Olia Lialina's Summer.