The Week Ahead: Our Data, Ourselves Edition


Promotional video for Lovid, U R QR (2013).

This weekend, artist duo Lovid will premiere a new project titled U R QR. If you participate, various things will happen to you, including your face being painted in black and white blocks and then photographed; when combined, the resulting images will combine to form a functioning QR code. QR codes have been waiting for a really good art project to come along for a long time, and this could be their big moment.

Lovid seem to be using the QR code as a vehicle for exploring the uncomfortably close relationship between our bodies and our data. In U R QR, data literally transforms one's physical appearance, and one's face becomes a kind of storage medium. The results will be exhibited in a public space in Lower Manhattan on July 7.

More of the week's events and deadlines, all culled from Rhizome Announce, below.


June 17: Widget Art Gallery, a 3D-rendered art gallery intended to be viewed on iPad or iPhone, opens a show by Rodell Warner featuring an exploding, kaleidoscopic GIF

June 17: The ANI-GIF online gallery launches the mesmerizing, op art-esque v2.4: STAIRWAYS by Philly-based artist Alex Bond AKA「enso」

New York

June 22 & 23: U R QR (see above).



June 19: Newcastle's AV Festival is seeking a producer for their 2014 edition, responsible for management, delivery, and documentation of all projects.


June 21: Public Art Residency: Art Along the Avenue of Technology. An artist's residency that intends to explore the intersection of art and technology on Market Street in Philadelphia, PA

June 21: Call for Video Artists: The Magic Lantern Art & Short Film Festival is seeking video work that demonstates artistic practice and theoretical interest.

June 24: Call for Submissions: Governors Island Art Fair is seeking work from independent artists working in any medium.