Wargame is a piece that Leif Rumbke has concieved as an installation at KHM in Cologne. It refers to the 1993 game Cannon Fodder by Sensible Software. The game was highly sarcastic (although I hardly remember anyone noticing) in the way that you were in control of a crosshair, randomly cutting down soldiers that entered your view on the screen.

Wargame takes on the same aesthetics, keeps the "very high grade of graphic violence" and lets two armies collide on screen. In contrast to the original, it uses generative algorithms and sophisticated particle systems for the "fountains of blood", but this time the bloodshed develops autonomously. The only way to intervene is through "snappily reduced means of interaction" represented by a big red bumper that will after a countdown (complete with before-death snapshots of some soldiers) eradicate the whole screen so the battle can start over again.

Rumbke sees his work as a critical commentary on both classic and contemporary war-simulations and other war-related media. The contradictions that arise to gamers are especially interesting since even obviously condemnable games often still provide highly enjoyable entertainment. Don't miss the hillarious video at the bottom of the page!

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Candy Factory at Printed Matter, NYC


Printed Matter Inc. is pleased to present a screening of internet projects from Japanese artist collective candy factory this Saturday, January 14 from 5 to 7 PM. The screening will feature candy factory's most recent release,  Tokyo Rose Advertising along with other work from the past few years. Join us to meet *candy factory's Takuji Kogo, who will be present to answer questions. Printed Matter is located at 195 Tenth Avenue at 22nd Street.


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5 til 12 Opening


5 'til 12

A very special congratulations to Glowlab’s own Brian House and his collaborators for their new nonlinear narrative installation at the Beall Center for Art and Technology in Irvine, CA.

2006 January 18 - March 15
Opening reception January 17, 6-9 pm

The Beall Center becomes the site of a nonlinear narrative with Knifeandfork’s immersive installation, 5 ’til 12. The visitor is invited to watch four characters, on four monitors, as they recount the tragic circumstances of the exhibition’s opening night. The experiene is unique for each visitor.


More from the site: "The visitor is invited to watch four characters, on four monitors, as they recount the tragic circumstances of the exhibition's opening night. The experience is unique for each visitor, as each story has most likely never been heard before... and won't ever be heard again. The premise is derived from Akira Kurosawa's film Rashomon, in which four eyewitness accounts of a murder are presented to the viewer, who serves the role of a magistrate...."

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Onoxo - vvvvery organic


Onoxo: Clean exp

Onoxo: Clean exp

Onoxo: Organic

Onoxo: Pipet filters

Onoxo is the project name of Zagreb-based VJ and motion designer Vedran Kolac. Working in VVVV, he creates forms that tend towards the architectural while retaining an organic quality. His work is proof positive of the potential of VVVV for creating generative live visuals. Be sure to take a look at the movie version of Clean Exp.

Kolac is also a part of the Strukt Visual Network, a collective operating out of Austria which puts out a magazine for graphic design and live visuals. Strukt has also become a gathering point for various projects, such as the Redestrukt Visual Crew and other spinoffs. In a VJ scene that has yet to find a coherent voice, Strukt stands out as a group that communicates both loudly and clearly.

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Rob Myers:

I have been working on my program draw-something.

There's a Flash version (made with MTASC):


And the Lisp version now makes multiple figures and coloured figures:


Source for all versions available from sourceforge CVS along with some recent release bundles:


- Rob.


I've been watching Rob develop & comment on this, on his blog, for a while. Looks very interesting!

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faculty position: berkeley media arts / theory


Take the online tour
Ken Goldberg:

Just announced:

Faculty Opening in Theory and Practice of Interactive Media

University of California at Berkeley
Center for New Media
Application deadline: 10 March, 2006

Theory and Practice of Interactive Media. Tenure track, Assistant Professor position to develop teaching research, and service programs in the production of interactive media. Candidate will be expected to contribute to research and teaching objectives of the Center for New Media (http://cnm.berkeley.edu/).

Possible subject domains include visual, acoustic, compositional, dramatic, tactile, and cultural aspects of interactive media, and their inclusion into computational representations (such as personal digital assistants, e-books, interactive educational tools, wearable and other digital art, personal security devices, media-rich cell phones, multimedia tools for the disabled, interactive architectural spaces, etc.) Preference will be given to applicants with a background in and/or research commitment to both technical and humanistic/societal disciplines. [More....]


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On the 25th anniv of MM's death


Jim Andrews:

Here is an article by Olivia Ward published on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Marshall McLuhan, who lived in Toronto for many years and was born in the prairies.

Toronto Star Pubdate:January 01, 2006 Page: D1 Section:Ideas


By Olivia Ward Toronto Star

When Canadian communications visionary Marshall McLuhan wrote his landmark works in the 1960s, they were greeted with shock and awe.

The realization that we live in a "global village" without boundaries of time or space was revolutionary. And the expectation of electronic communications expanding to invade every aspect of our lives was both thrilling and devastating.[...]


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Surge +


Lauren Cornell:


I'd like to call your attention to Surge - the online exhibition organized collaboratively by Rhizome and free103point9 - that opened today!

You can see the exhibition here:


Also, please see our events page for other upcoming Rhizome events, including a panel at Electronic Arts Intermix (NY) in February. I will send out a reminder about this closer to the event.




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