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Makoto Aida


  <p><b>DRINK SAKE ALONE</b> </p>

As I sit down to write this review I'm drinking a Pacifico beer, the staple of San Francisco artist Tom Marioni, which brings to mind his artwork "The Act of Drinking beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art." Thirty five years later, the japanese artist Mokoto Aida is visiting San Francisco with the exhibition Drink Sake Alone. Social alienation aside, Aida's work in the gallery is not far from the sense of humor floated by the early California Conceptualists like Baldessari and Marioni. Yet Aida is a much wittier incarnation, focused on global concerns and political satire.

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Image Courtesy Lisa Dent Gallery


The bulk of the exhibition is comprised of a hand full of monitors surrounded by detritus, performance props, and the odd seating option (which hover in the ambiguous space between sculpture and furniture). I see this collection of 8 or so works in semi-installation format as cumulative. In other words I read them not as individual objects but as signifiers that build sentences and culminate in a sort of story line. The feeling underlying the story alternates between irreverent and charming. Works like "Attemped Suicide Machine Version 3 ...and 4" (2001/2002) sit a few steps away from "The Video from a Man calling himself Bin Laden staying in Japan" (2005). In combination they remind me of a fact I picked up recently: more people die each year from suicide than in all the world's armed conflicts. It's not that you should read this from the works, but I offer it as a way to suggest that Aida is calling up global concerns here. Concerns like the ...


This comes from a very interesting blog kept by San Francisco/ Bay Area residents concerned with a lack of 'real' criticism in the region, or who generally want to contribute to discourse about shows in the area.

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Rotary pinhole camera


rotary pinhole camera

Pinhole cameras use a tiny pinhole as their aperture instead of a lens. François Besson designed this camera to take a 240 degree panoramic picture. The camera aperture slot rotates on one axis while the film rotates on a separate axis. The 8x20


Ah, the old is new again...

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DVblog will eat itself


mouth study
mouth study (2005, 7.8MB, 3:40 min)

 tuff dance shipping dubcast
tuff dance shipping dubcast (2005, 5.3MB, 43 sec. loop, length variable)

Shoehorning them, perhaps, together rather randomly,
two pieces, both at some point re-using footage from
the ‘cutting edge cinema’ dvblog post of 10th December.
Lewis LaCook, making a speedy & welcome reappearance here,
creates an utterly exuberant & assured piece of appropriation
video with 186,000 ideas per second.
My piece imagines some music for the ‘tough dance’ piece
and takes a closer look at the dancers’ moves. Let it loop a bit,
usually closes within 10 cycles…


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Brooklyn Rail reviews Mixed Feelings at vertexList


Jason Van Anden:

“Mixed Feelings


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Wikipedia Founder Edits Own Bio


Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales is editing his own bio to give himself more credit for founding the site, the wiki's edit logs reveal. He's also excised references to soft pornography on a website he ran earlier in his career. By Evan Hansen.


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Google Zeitgeist '05


Garett Rogers writes "Google has just released their Google Zeitgeist 2005. From the site: 'It turns out that looking at the aggregation of billions of search queries people type into Google reveals something about our curiosity, our thirst for news, and perhaps even our desires. Considering all that has occurred in 2005, we thought it would be interesting to study just a few of the significant events, and names that make this a memorable year. (We'll leave it to the historians to determine which ones are lasting and which ephemeral.) We hope you enjoy this selective view of our collective year.'"


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Shimmering Systems


Nature is full of what those fluent in computerspeak might call algorithms--the rules and processes which guide our operations. It seems fitting, then, that contemporary artists would use computer-programmed algorithms to comment on the evolution of design in the natural world. In the New Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition, 'Shimmer' (on view through December 31), two installations generate explorations of spatial and auditory systems. The show is part of the Fresh Projects series in which emerging new media artists are given a platform for new work. In 'Bifid,' Alisa Andrasek fuses genetic engineering techniques and design software to create translucent fabric sculptures. Woven strands of variable densities comprise a hanging web evoking fractals, black hole renderings, and other mathematical curiosities. Also unfolding from an enmeshing of materials is 'Waken,' by artists Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand. The duo have created a spatial system akin to the auditory flows of bees, by embedding code-emitting speakers within the honeycombed crevices of a fantastic cardboard landscape. Both artists' works comment on the high level of construction inherent in nature's wonders, while demonstrating the capacity of digital media to create new sounds and spaces. - Marisa Olson


On MTAA's "Midnight In The Deli"



Art Fag City covers MTAA and other performances at Artists Space

[...] the group show We are all Together: Media(ted) Performance at Artists Space. "What is this piece of shit?" is more or less a direct quote from MTAA's T.Whid in the video documentation of 10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances: Midnight In The Deli, as he addressed what he felt to be a likely question posed by viewers. [read on...]


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Hz #7


sachiko hayashi:


Hz #7 presents:


Exploding, Plastic and Inevitable: the Rise of Video Art by Jeremy Welsh
Jeremy Welsh, a video artist and professor at the Bergen National=20
Academy of the Arts, Department of Fine Art, Norway, presents a=20
condense history of the medium which came to be known as "Video Art."
Directory.Linking 2:/The Immersive State of Reality[Game]Play. by MEZ
Experimental cyber poet MEZ observes today's game play and asks us "=20
Should artists learn from ARGs [Alternative Reality Games'] ability to=20
push genre-dimensionalities beyond the emptiness of forced sterile=20
institutionalised [sanctioned] interactivity?"
The Old and the New and the New Old: A Conceptual Approach Towards=20
Performing The Changing Body by Franziska Schroeder
Franziska Schroeder examines two modes of performance in relation to=20
the body and technology and goes on to search for the third - "the new=20


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_ This Concept: The Immaterial Immaterialness Exhibit


Archive Registrar:

This Concept: The Immaterial Immaterialness Exhibit

Deep/Young Anodyne Laboratories is pleased to announce its newest
ethereal exhibit, " This Concept," currently housed & viewable at
Deep/Young Ethereal Archive via the aforementioned URL.

"_ This Concept" collates a series of email instructions posted by
Curt Cloninger to the Rhizome RAW mailing list between 6/5/2005 and
8/11/2005. Rather than have these pre-objects disappear prematurely
into the ether, we have chosen to re-circulate them at varying
semi-stable frequencies in order to ward off any untoward residual
calcification that may have inadvertently accumulated in their

As You Wish,
Archive Registrar
Deep/Young Ethereal Archive


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