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The Doorway Google Earth


Eric Dymond:

The doorway earthwork can be seen via Google Earth
The Doorway
The physical location of the web art work, the doorway.
longitude: -80.00870504870713
latitude: 43.79352147953756
range: 630.3109979082278
tilt: 1.98429132367055e-010
heading: -0.006022417027049802
coordinates: -80.00882280146587,43.79348746953154,0
you can download the kmz file from:
(requires the Google Earth plugin)
The earthwork is zoomable and still intact.
Eric Dymond
Dec 13, 2005


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Art donated by Cory Arcangel, Kate Armstrong, Andy Deck, Jason Freeman, Mariam Ghani, Peter Horvath, Yael Kanarek, Michael Takeo Magruder, Michael Mandiberg, MTAA, Yoshi Sodeoka, Helen ThoringtonRicardo Miranda Zuñiga.

Dear Friends,

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA) will be 25 years old in 2006; Turbulence will be 10 years old. Despite the expansion of our projects, the acceleration of our support for net artists, and the valuable resources we provide in our networked_performance blog and New American Radio archive, NRPA has seen a decline in its operating support.

We need your support. Please help us preserve our archives and support emerging artists and technologies.

With Gratitude,

Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne Green


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Ringtones, or the auditory logic of globalization


This incredibly thorough essay by Sumantha Gopinath - Assistant Professor of Music Theory in the University of Minnesota School of Music - published on First Monday attempts to provide a description of the global ringtone industry, to determine and assess the numerous cultural consequences of the ringtone’s appearance and development, and to situate the ringtone within the context of contemporary capitalism.

The essay also covers the history of the ringtone, how it's evolving, world sales, what it's like to be a ringtone composer and who's entitled to copyright revenue...


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Soldier Stencils in Iraq



Originally uploaded by Luodanli.

Ruby tips me to a set of stencils on Flickr that appear to be taken by a US solider deployed in Taji, Iraq. Ya’ll should check out the Iraq or Soldier tag on flickr…lots of AMAZING pictures. Thanks for sharing with us Luodanli, come back safe!

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Design engaged


What do we want? Radical living.  Taken by Adam Greenfield
"What do we want? Radical living."
Photo by Adam Greenfield.

Back from London and Berlin, and re-ensconced in my daily routines, I wanted to resurface long enough to post a few reflections on my experience at Design Engaged and an annotated version of the presentation slides for my talk on Design in the Parliament of Things (pdf).


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Urban play


"The Project for Urban Intimacy offers projects that transgress and counter the rationality and efficiency that infect our cities. Many of these projects seek to alter your daily encounters: moving them past the brief, efficient, and cordial towards the poetic, delayed, or absurd."



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24 Hour Count: "a blog jam"


"a blog jam"

The 24 Hour Count is a multi-media blog band made up of Colorado artists Mark Amerika, Rick Silva, and Nathaniel Wojtalik. For this newly commissioned 24-hour online blog performance, the artists will use a variety of media including the Internet, mobile phones, digital video and photo cameras, mini-disk recorders, musical instruments, and computer software programs to improvisationally remix, interpret, and respond to current events while filtering their "digital readings" through the prism of Count Lautréamont's "Songsof Maldoror," a classic French text written in the 19th century and whom the Surrealists adopted as the progenitor of their significant 20th century movement.

Sponsored by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Alt-X Online Network, and the TECHNE lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the artists performing this distributed multi-media blog performance will be located in three different locations: Sydney, Australia, Boulder, Colorado, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

The event starts at December 17th
14:00 MST/Arizona
16:00 EST
21:00 London
22:00 Berlin

December 18th
08:00 Sydney

For 24 hours straight, the three distributed artists will use the same blogging website as the virtual location for their ongoing multi-media jam session. The performance will coincide with the opening of the show in Scottsdale, and a living archive of the blog jam site will remain online both in the gallery through May 14, 2006, and on the web throughout the duration of the exhibition and beyond.

For more project info:

For more exhibition info:


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Flyer of "Artgames" Exhibition in Aachen


The exhibition “Artgames. Structural analogies of art and game


Pain and Game


The actual issue of Kunstforum, a monthly booklike (400+ pages) german publication about art, has a special about “Art & Games




When I think about the word "NetSurfing", I found that we are net surfer who can't swim. In a different word, we are never free on the net without browser ready-made surf board.

In DriftNet, users interact with data-wave by using their body like they would on a real beach.

DriftNet" is connecting to World Wide Web. The first website DriftNet accesses is chosen depending on the location of the exhibition site.


The data is displayed in hexadecimal format without encoding. The screen shot of the website covers the surface of the wave, is decomposed into abstract color element and generates unlimited variation of wave appearance. Movements of the audience are analized and conveyed to the wave as the vector of the plural forces with location, direction and integer value.

When the wave is moved fast, the link from the URL which generated the wave comes to the surface. After some time, the wave of the first link fades out and "DriftNet" chooses the next URL (the one which is nearest from center of floor.) At this time, audience can't control the behavior of "DriftNet". It is decided by the condition of the wave as the result of accumulation of audience action. And "DriftNet" accesses the web site and downloads the data. And data-wave surges to the audience again...

Also by Hirakawa Norimichi: Global Bearing.


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