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million dollar homepage


milliondollarhomepage.jpgthe Million Dollar Homepage consists of 1 million individual pixels. each pixel is valued at $1 a piece with a minimum purchase requirement of a block of 100 pixels (10x10px). the money earned will be directed to a student's university education. his homepage thus visualizes the collaborative effort of monetary sponsoring from unknown participants in real time. (did not know education was that expensive in the UK though) []


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The Upgrade! International, September 23-24 at Eyebeam


Yael Kanarek:
Dear all,

The Upgrade! is a network of international monthly meetings in the field of art and technology. Since 1999, The Upgrade! exists as forums for artists, designers, critics, curators and educators who form the communities in different cities to discuss and share knowledge.

The Upgrade! International is the first gathering that brings together the organizers from the U.S. and abroad for a weekend of sharing work, ideas and discussions surrounding the evolving network and arts community. All events listed are open to the public free of charge.

Please join us next week to meet a highly-motivated group of artists/curators who organize the gatherings in different cities around the world (soon in Toronto, Istanbul and Sofia). The gatherings are often associated with art & technology centers. By default this emerging network sustains open communication lines between these nodes. We're meeting to develop a vision as a global network to highlight the creative work done in the field. [More, including show & event details.]


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Job Posting: Assistant Professor in Critical Studies


Warren Sack:
Position: Assistant Professor in Critical Studies
Institution: University of California - Film & Digital Media Department
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Application deadline: 11/18/2005

If you are interested in more information about the job do not reply to me; rather please email

The Film and Digital Media Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, invites applications for a tenure-track position in critical studies. Applicants with a scholarly emphasis in international film and/or media are especially desirable; candidates with expertise in other areas of film, television and/or digital media theory and/or history are also invited to apply. Requires Ph.D. in relevant field of study, with demonstrated potential for excellence in innovative research and for excellence in university teaching.

Please refer to the complete job announcement and application requirements at [More]


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Karma Physics< Elvis and other playful thingies


Karma Physics< Elvis, by Brody Condon, is a modification of the first person shooter computer game Unreal 2003. As the viewer camera floats through a pink afterlife, twitching multiples of Elvis are controlled by the original game's "Karma Physics" real-time physics system - generally used to simulate realistic game character death.< />

Among Condon's work are also Waco Resurrection (blogged previously) and Suicide Solution, a DVD documentation collected over the last year of committing suicide in over 50 first and third person shooter games. Video.[More.]


Check out this video, on Brody's website. I saw it before that video of the falling girl made its way around the internet, and I thought Brody's exploitation of physics was much cooler...

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Riveter and Explanatory Notes


"Riveter" [5.2 MB .mp3].

This piece is constructed from overlayed (licensed) midi demos from a couple of different genres; the samples are from an 80s style drum machine but the most interesting, sculpted notes come from Native Instruments' "Machine Kit," sound design by Smyglyssna (who makes music, too). Layering rhythmically incompatible midi files together initially sounds confusing and not too enjoyable, so the "art" is separating the midi files by pitch and spreading them around over several minutes' playing time in a proportioned Steve Reichian sort of way, giving each sound the maximum space and "surprise value" as it is introduced.

This is part art, part (hackless) game modding, but also a kind of reporting: many of the licensed sounds used are state of the art electronic noises, elaborately manufactured and processed as described in the NI product notes and meant to be used in every kind of music production from TV soundtracks to the basement-made dance music. They aren't that interesting when you just hit "note on," though--someone has to write tunes for them, or put the art frame around them so you can hear them with greater delectation.


I've really enjoyed following Tom Moody's music, on his blog. His sketches and tunes seem to develop in tandem... Stay tuned for an upcoming interview of Tom by Cory Arcangel, to be presented as a feature in the Rhizome Digest (subscribe, subscribe!), and reblogged here.

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Tech Meets Nature


TECHNORGANIC is a “one-night mini-festival celebrating the autumnal equinox through the uncommon merger of new media art technologies with an emphasis on creative figurations of the natural environment. The evening will include art works in digital video, animation, multimedia-performance, installation, and sound works from artists experimenting in this emergent field. This event takes place on Sept 22 and sounds pretty interesting with an nice “woodsy


Cary Peppermint posted this to the Rhizome list, a while back, but it wasn't accompanied by this cute picture at the time! :)

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My Substitute Life


The B!AS International Sound Art Exhibition focuses on 'the various changing states of sound in modern environments, with lifestyles directly replaced by sound wave frequencies being the natural composite of harshness, authority, vulgarity and ambiguity.' Okaaay, let’s unpack that! Curated around the theme, 'Life Substituted: Sound Wave Frequency,' the show's contributors use sound to isolate and intensify distinct aspects of society and our position within it. For example, Maywa Denki's 'Switched On Kappa 2005' is a live performance that the artist calls a 'product demonstration,' involving fish-motif nonsense machines, original musical instruments, and flower-motif objets d'art. Christina Kubisch's 'Bird Tree' brings nature and technology together in an interactive installation that allows the visitor to receive and mix sounds via a wireless headset. Incorporating emerging and established artists, the show offers new media approaches to art-making that should stimulate new questions: How does the privileging of sound create fresh discourse around traditional visual art? Does this project complexify or dumb down notions of identity, place, and dialogism? Is bricolage the new aesthetic? Opening on 24 September and running through 20 November, it’s definitely worth a look. Or a listen. - Peggy MacKinnon


Director, Culture Campus, Liverpool, UK


THIS IS FACT -  foundation for art & creative technology

Salary £45,000

Culture Campus is a new organisation formed as a partnership between Tate Liverpool, the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.

Culture Campus is envisaged as an international centre providing an environment for learning, incubation, research, development, participation and expression in contemporary visual, media and popular culture forms.

The appointment of a Director provides an exciting opportunity for the right candidate to drive the project forward. We are looking for a highly experienced arts professional with a passion for contemporary culture to work in partnership, developing links between the sector and HE.

The Director will bring a mix of academic and sector specific experience, will be a leader in the field of contemporary culture with excellent strategic and managerial skills and a proven record as a good communicator. You will have the ability to develop a strategy for taking forward this innovative partnership and co-ordinate its activities with key regional, local and national partners. You will represent the partnership at local and international meetings and will be an effective fundraiser able to attract additional funding for the project.

This is a full time post on a two year contract in the first instance.

Job share applicants will be considered.

For more information please contact: Sheindal Cohen.

Email Tel: 0151 707 4444. Website .

Deadline for applications: October 17 2005.

Culture Campus welcomes applications from any individual regardless of ethnic origin, gender, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation and age. All applications will be considered on merit.


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Society's Obsession with Fabricated Characters and All Things Cute

CuteXdoom is a mod for the PC game Unreal Tournament 2003 that explores society's obsession with fabricated characters and all things cute, or kawaii. The goal of CuteXdoom is to become a member of the toy worshipping Yumi-Co cult and gain access to their temple by collecting enough toys to present as an offering to the robotic panda guru. (This sort of exploration of society's addiction to cuteness reminds me of Satoshi Kon's compelling anime series Paranoia Agent, which can be seen in the U.S. on [adult swim].) Anyway anime referencing aside, CuteXdoom was created by Yumi-Co, a collective of game designers, illustrators, sound artists and coders that was founded by Anita Fontaine. She worked as the art director and designer for this project and currently works for the Mobile Digital Commons Network in Canada. She is also participating in the Toytakeova exhibit this fall in Australia. I really could go on and on, but I'll end it with this last plug: also check out some of the locative media projects she's worked on: Ghost Garden and Global Heart Rate. [blogged by Carol T Chung on Cool Hunting]


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- Planet of visions -


SPN "from Scenography to Planetary Network": an entity of creations, publications, conferences, installations and performances presented by Franck Ancel, in question over contemporary time: the last creation of 2005, in real time via wireless web, via satellite, at an altitude of 30000 feet, more than 900 kilometers per hour, to Tokyo or Shanghai, in the year celebrating France in China and the exhibition of Aichi in Japan.

In the continuation of his triptych AIT in France "Architecture - Image - Technology", these communications prepare for further rendez-vous. Ancel now inhabits the planetary space of technology to fall into and under the reality of the imaginary; a World Fair or a World Tour... like the Solarimpulse plane or like the city of Shanghai between the now and 2010.

Press & partnership contact

Running the planet!

(1) Europa - Amsterdam 09.24.05 k/Homepage/urbanscreens_program.html
(2) America - Banff 09.30.05
(3) Africa - coming soon
(4) Oceania - Sydney 12.02.05
(5) Asia - to Tokyo or Shanghai - End of 2005


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