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Prepared Playstation


RSG playstation (2004, 7.3 MB)

Prepared Playstation  is a project by  RSG   that creates dirty,
jolting game loops by exploiting bugs and glitches in the
code of PlayStation games.
After being “prepared,


This was included in Pop_Remix, at SF Camerawork. Alex contextualizes these as readymades, which I find quite interesting...

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How to Tell When a Relationship is Over


How to Tell When a Relationship is Over
How to Tell When a Relationship is Over (2003, 5.6MB)

Written and directed by Tony Roche.

Make a micro-movie of under 90 seconds, win a cash prize
of £3000, have your film promoted online on the  site,
and see it screened at the - Brief Encounters Bristol Short Film Festival
(23 - 27 November 2005).  Deadline for receipt of entries: Sept 5 2005


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Transmediale: Reality Addicts


The theme for the next transmediale festival has been set. The first flyer can be downloaded at:



3 - 7 February 2006


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Negativland art show opens in NYC - Fri. Sept. 9


And speaking of Negativland, the band's first ever fine art show is coming up here in New York, from September 9 to October 22, at Gigantic Art Space. Joe, the robot maker interviewed below, made an animatron of Abraham Lincoln for the exhibit that must be seen to be believed (I have done neither)....We'll be at the opening - on Friday, September 9, from 6 to 9 pm. at Gigantic (59 Franklin Street in Tribeca. Map) - so come out and say "hi."...


Stay Free Daily is a group of college kids doing important things, re: copyright law. They are obviously big fans of Negativland. Rhizome's Francis Hwang is showing his 'Unauthorized U2 vs. Negativland iPod' in this show, as well!

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Exploring the City with Digi-Diviner

URBANtells is a mobile sound installation in which the user explores a neighborhood on foot, "data-diving" with a handheld device called digi-diviner. Participants will provide their cell phone and email address to an attendant at a kiosk. In return, they will be given a digi-diviner to walk and explore the neighborhood. A minute or so after they go outside a real time mix of sound art and verbal information triggered by their location will start to play through an earbud attached to the diviner. The information is a mix of recordings of residents and historians, text-to-speech synthesis, recitations, musique, and other processed sound. The information will address the complex layers of personal and collective histories and experience in urban environments, and the degrees to which these acoustic "tells" influence behavior and development within a community similarly to traditional, physical structures.

Users will be able to upload sounds, text, and still images they capture with the diviner en route. This information will be available to other users. Upon returning to the kiosk, participants will receive an interactive Google map of their specific walk via email, containing buttons to play sounds and view images they may have uploaded during their trip. Urbantells, a project by James Rouvelle, Joe Reinsel and Steve Bradley, opens June 2, ‘06 at Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA. [blogged by Regine on we-make-money-not]


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Note to Self, an endurance performance by Mary Coble


If you've ever thought to yourself "Self, sure life is good and all, but what we really need is to watch a performance artist get inkless tattoos of names of hate crime victims all over her body for eight hours", you're in luck because there'll be a webcast of Mary Coble doing exactly that tonight for your... well, whatever it is you do while watching that, pleasure.

· NOTE TO SELF Performance (webcast, tonight, 6 p.m EST)

· Washington Post article on the whole deal


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Peter Horvath opening Saturday September 10 @ 64 Steps Contemporary Art, Toronto


64 Steps Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening and subsequent exhibition of Peter Horvath's newest work of web cinema 'Tenderly Yours' as a projected installation. A 65 page, limited edition hardcover publication accompanies the exhibition.

With appearance and narration spoken by Joséphine Truffaut [...]

Click thru for more. Peter Horvath is a recipient of one of Rhizome's 2005 net art commissions as well.


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And yes, another 1YPV update


Some of you may think that 1YPV was done about a year ago (it was released on 9/30/04).

You would be wrong.

Something is supposed to happen when the viewer reaches a year. Conceptually we know what happens: the viewer is transformed into a collector. What does this mean? It means they get to own a piece of the project in the form of 1 Year Performance Video Art Data.

When it was released we figured that we didn’t need to release it with this functionality since no one was going to reach it for at least a year. But now with the top viewers at 307 days and counting I’ve had to get busy and build the functionality.

This is how it will work:

When the viewer reaches a year, they become a collector and are be redirected to the Collectors Page and assigned a password (delivered to them via email). The collector then logs into a special section of the site where they can generate and download their 1YPV Art Data. Thereafter the collector is allowed to return and download the Art Data, but they are allowed to generate it only once.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, there is also a special online art work that only the collectors get to see (at first anyway, eventually we’ll make it public).

tech notes for the hardcore
As you approach the year mark, you want to make sure you’re running it in a browser via the official interface.

If you can’t log in and get your saved time, make sure that there is a ‘www’ before ‘’ in the location bar. Sometimes the site will drop the ‘www’ then another cookie is set. Basically you need to make sure that you either have ...


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new orleans infographics


neworleans.jpgsome online infographics depicting the disaster happening in New Orleans after the Katrina hurricane. please add more sources in comments section. [nytimes & & &|via]


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Product & Vision: Interfaces and boundaries in art and economy


Lucy Kimbell:
---Product & Vision: Interfaces and boundaries in art and economy

Exhibition at Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany
9 September - 9 October

What happens if a corporation - in this case, the Berlin-based publishing house Cornelsen - opens its doors to a group of artists? Can artists or arts and Cornelsen or the corporate sector in general learn something from each other, or will their autonomy be questioned? The participants of Product & Vision have studied, amongst others, the finance structure, the identification of the employees with the company, the products (schoolbooks), the production process, the image of the company, and the organisational structure. This exhibition presents the results of this artistic process in installations, videos, pictures and performances, together with other works from the field of art and business.
Product & Vision focuses on businesses/enterprises as a dominating form of social organisation. Interfaces and boundaries between art and economy are one of the central issues.


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