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RhizMail 0.1.1


I’ve just released the newest version of RhizMail, the email library we use at Rhizome. Most of the changes are minor, but one bigger change is making it easier to parameterize a child of SimpleTemplateMessage.

For example, You can still create a SimpleTemplateMessage directly:

msg =
:to_address => '',
:from_address => '',
:template_file => '/Users/francis/Desktop/template.txt'
msg.substitute( 'email', '' )
msg.substitute( 'password', 'p4ssw0rd' )

But you can also create a child, parameterizing it with class methods:

class IntroEmail < RhizMail::SimpleTemplateMessage
from_address ''
template '/Users/francis/Desktop/template.txt'
substitute 'email', { |msg| }
substitute 'password', { |msg| msg.user.password }
attr_reader :user
def initialize( user )
@user = user
super( :to_address => )
User = :email, :password )
u = '', 'p4ssw0rd' )
email = u


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boingboing article


michael kargl:
i wonder if someone read this article:

there are some discussions going on here in vienna about this, ranging from "idiotic nerd stuff" to "the solution to all our problems"...

has anybody heard of somehow similar projects ? any experiences?

and: this sentence: "more than 100 groups" (from the article) tempts me to call vienna the capital of the world ;-) ... seems everybody is a net.artist here...



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INTERACTIVE FUTURES 06: Audio Visions (Victoria, Canada) (9/23/05; 1/26/06-1/29/06)


INTERACTIVE FUTURES is a forum for showing recent tendencies in new media art as well as a conference for exploring issues related to technology. The theme of this year's event is Audio Visions. IF06 will explore new forms of audio-based media art from a diverse body of artists, theorists, and sound practitioners.


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PixelACHE 2006 Call for Projects deadline is 10 September 2005!


PixelACHE 2006 will thus continue exploring the PixelACHE 2005 theme: The Dot Org Boom, the non-profit grassroot new media revolution. The essential ingredients of this rapidly growing phenomenon are open source community, open content initiatives, media activist networks and myriads of NGOs around the world.


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'The Lies That Bill Gates Told Me: Exploring the Digital Divide,' an exhibition organized by Jesus Macarena-Avila, asserts a 'spanglish space' as its conceptual point of entry. Featuring work by Chicago-based Latino/a collective POLVO, 'Lies' explores hybridized culture and identity through a mesh of media art works that combine sound, video, digital imagery and commercial products to positively tangled ends. In 'Glam Pov,' Manuel Sanchez critiques hip-hop's romanticization of poverty by appropriating logos from welfare food products and transferring them onto t-shirts. In their collaborative multi-media installation, Amanda Gutierrez, Monica Herrera, and Elvia Rodriguez-Ochoa demonstrate how translation can alter meaning by refracting a single sound through tens of different voices. Also including works by Yesica Barrera, Miguel Cortez and Hugo Michel Hernandez, 'Lies' speaks to a digital divide that cannot be bridged simply by access to technology. Rather, the ability to deploy technologies to various creative and critical ends is the strategy proposed here. 'Lies' opens at Victoria University's new gallery for computer mediated art, VUSpace, today. -- Lauren Cornell


Mediatopia.2 fresh!


Jessica Ivins:

Mediatopia.2 fresh! assembles an exciting mix of recent net-based work by
a diverse group of neoteric artists, creatives and thinkers. Their fresh,
networked interfaces look to a variety of means to utilize the internet,
as playground, platform or paintbrush. is a recurring
network mediated culture space for art, technology and writing. We still
believe in networked culture.

Jessica Ivins
Carlos Katastrofsky
Michael Takeo Magruder
Jillian Mcdonald
Mike Mike
Carrie Paterson
Christina Ray and Dave Mandl
Geoffrey Thomas
Lara Bank
Aerostatic and Andrew Bucksbarg

Produced by, a non-profit arts organization
Curated by Lara Bank and Andrew Bucksbarg


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Sculpted by email and spam


E-mail Erosion automatically creates sculptures, using spam and e-mail as data to trigger the sculpting process.

The work, viewable via four webcams, consists of a powder-coat steel frame. Each of its sides has a "bot" which can move to any point on the side’s face, working much like a flat-bed plotter. The bots can also squirt water into the frame, causing a section of a large block of the starch-based styrofoam to dissolve.


Each of the bots is associated with an e-mail address. When e-mail is received by a bot, it either moves or squirts water, according to an algorithm that uses the e-mail’s content as input data. The bots email a response to every email received, but limit their move/squirt actions to once a day for each address from which they receive email.

People visiting the website will be invited to email the bots. E-mail will also be generated by putting the bots’ addresses on mailing lists and in places likely to be picked up by spammers.

At the end of the show (up and running in February 2006), the remaining foam, if any, is a finished sculpture.

Commissioned by Rhizome to Annie Brissenden, Tony Muilenburg and Ethan Ham.

Via Information aesthetics.


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Top Level .xxx Domain Concept Under Scrutiny


An anonymous reader writes "The Bush administration is objecting to the creation of a .xxx domain, saying it has concerns about a virtual red-light district reserved exclusively for Internet pornography. This is despite the the .xxx domain being approved in June and selling domain names using the .xxx suffix for many months before the approval." From the ZDNet article: " The sudden high-level interest in what has historically been an obscure process has placed the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in an uncomfortable position. ICANN approved the concept of an .xxx domain in June and approval of ICM Registry's contract to run the suffix was expected this week Other governments also have been applying pressure to ICANN in a last-minute bid to head off .xxx. A letter from ICANN's government advisory group sent Friday asks for a halt to 'allow time for additional governmental and public policy concerns to be expressed before reaching a final decision.'"


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MONDO CANNIBALE: 19. Stuttgarter Filmwinter | Call for Entries, Deadline: September 1, 2005


We are interested in media- and film works for children, either. The exhibition of the media installations and the contributions in the field of new media take place in cooperation with the Württembergische Kunstverein.


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Simnuke: The Exhibiton


Co-organized by curators Sasha Cronin-Harris and Max Carlson, theSimnuke exhibition serves as the gallery component to the SimnukeProject, a self-described "reaction to 60 years of the Atomic Age."The project kicked off on July 16th (the 60th anniversary of"Trinity," the first atomic detonation) with a nuclear simulation.


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