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Reflection and Anticipation


The end of the year is a time for reflection and anticipation. So, each day this week, a different member of the Creative Commons team will spend a few moments thinking about what was great in 2005 and what's great to come in 2006.

One of my favorite things about 2005 has been watching artists use the Creative Commons model -- as well as a generally open approach to creating -- to land themselves some really cool gigs. I've also loved hearing all of the incredible work going on at ccMixter and watching how CC's remix contests have inspired people to create, collaborate and recreate.

We've got lots of plans for 2006. I'm most excited to help teach kids about making, remixing, sharing and managing their creative work. We've got a load of CC-hosted presentations, performances, contests, workshops and products in the pipeline; I especially can't wait for the release of the new CC compilation album and the launch of a regular CC community salon. And of course, it'll be a thrill to meet new artists and explain to them how Creative Commons can help people collaborate and interact in new, exciting ways.

In short, 2006 is gonna rock. Happy new year!


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Manual for Micro Dwellings


From the manual for micro dwellings:

The MICRO DWELLINGS are modular, can be scaled up and down, and expand and grow together with other systems into small communities. The MICRO DWELLINGS can be built onto rooftops of existing buildings or be suspended from a bridge or a wall. The modules can be mounted on wheels to become mobile or be connected to form floating constructions. As is the case with the version shown in this manual, they can also be made as watertight, amphibian houses that can be completely submerged or partly elevated to the water surface.

Or you can paint numbers on their sides and use them for a really, really big game of Dungeons and Dragons.


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My Year in Art


Mica Scalin:

In an effort to organize for the 2006, I bring you -
My Year in Art, a video diary documenting my experiencs with art this past year.

I thought you might enjoy, this as little year end review.

All 17 short videos are available for download as a podcast feed here:

or visit the the blog:

More to come in 2006!




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Art Dirt Redux: Games at Pace


Clifford Ross at Sonnabend Gallery

Art Dirt Redux visits Clifford Ross at Sonnabend, Roni Horn at Matthew Marks and Breaking and Entering: Art and the Video Game at PaceWildenstein in Chelsea.


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There was once a famous scene in the American TV programme, Six Feet Under, in which a woman ran into traffic and was killed because she saw a bunch of blow-up dolls accidentally released into the air. She thought she was witnessing 'the rapture,' in which Christians would be taken back to heaven, and she didn’t want to be left behind. This character represents the millions of real people, in the Western world, who are afraid of this phenomenon. L3FT B3H1ND, a project powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery, connects the rise in fundamentalist Christian ideology with the convergence of media in ways that are funny, irreverent, and scarily prophetic. 'The Convergence of Media,' reads the site, 'is a similarly unknown/ unknowable point in the near future when all media become one (and all distributors become one) leaving artists (and everyone else) behind.' At L3FT B3H1ND, you can register your artistic stance as a Mode, a Mod, or an Ode, in anticipation of a forthcoming apocalyptic moment. So submit, before it’s too late--tribulation be damned. - Peggy MacKinnon




Marc Tuters just published a blog entry on net publics in which he opens up the topic of what Geert Lovink and I have called "panelism." Check it out. I'll write a follow up text just focusing on this topic of alternative conference formats.


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iPod Docking Station Prototype


I’ve recently been working on creating what we’re calling a “docking station


It would be interesting to see how artists could implement this sort of thing as an institutional critique - museum tours suchas the ones carried out by andrea fraser.

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HARKNESS A/V at MONKEY TOWN features Bradley Eros, Ray Sweeten, Zach Layton and Chika


Nick Hallett:

Friday, January 27
58 N 3rd St
(btw. Kent & Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211 for reservations and info

Harkness A/V selects an evening of multisensory performance featuring work by Bradley Eros, Ray Sweeten and the duo of Zach Layton and Chika,

This event finishes off Monkey Town's amazing "VIDEO WEEK" featuring rhiz's "laptops vs. craptops" and works of cory arcangel (hosted by EAI)

These artists combine electronic sounds and projections from a variety of 'alternative cinema' sources to create an immersive media environment, maximizing Monkey Town's quadravisual screening system. For those out there who miss the 'chill-out room' era, this event should be for you...

Ray Sweeten will present, specifically for Monkey Town, a piece for four oscilloscopes. An oscilloscope is an analog instrument that graphs the flow of electrical impulse on an x and y axis. Though its main applications are in scientific research, Ray uses the 'scope to visualize
compositions of sweeping electronic sound, creating sculptural Lissajous patterns and tesselations that seem to journey into the beyond. Ray has presented his oscillographic work at The Kitchen, Ocularis, PS122, and the Roberta Beck Memorial Cinema.

Bradley Eros uses the medium of cinema to evoke primal, biological forms:
fire, water, undulations of microscopic life, and the systems of the human body. His experiments with color liquid projection and the decomposition of celluloid have led him to a unique aesthetic of ethereal and sensual beauty, which are most often accompanied by haunting sound collages (also Bradley's doing). He is the founder of the Robert (now Roberta) Beck Memorial Cinema, hosted by Participant Gallery and was featured in the Whitney Museum's 2004 Biennial.

Zach Layton and Chika will perform their celebrated "alpha wave" collaboration. Zach generates a variety of sine ...


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