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Introduction to the fascinating patterns of Visual Math


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Totally fascinating, indeed... Eyebeam's reblog also published a link, today, to a nice piece on the fractal patterns underlying abstract art.

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Unsleeper by Chris Byrne



A sneak preview of Chris Byrne's latest web montage work,


Due to be featured soon in Egobürger, a web art/fanzine from Torsten Lauschmann, Glasgow.


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Totally Rad Gift Idea


The manic and varied output of Paper Rad--the art collective of Jessica Ciocci, her brother Jacob, and their friend Ben Jones--now includes a book, and it's more than a hard copy of the group's content-rich, arcade-like, bad html 'web mall.' The book, 'B.J. and da Dogs,' is published by art and comics press PictureBox, and is a collection of kaleidoscopic doodling, stoner poetry, two graphic novellas, found and staged photos, and installation documentation of large-scale painted cardboard dioramas. Adult insights, near-past nostalgia, and obsessive pop culture tangents mesh with teen aesthetics (i.e. punk and skate zines of the '80s & '90s, early video games, neoprint booths and drawing software) amid multiple paper stocks and, as the team boasts, 'almost every fluorescent Pantone ink.' Here fancy production is the perfect foil to Paper Rad's makeshift aesthetic and cavalier use of both obsolete and of-the-moment technologies. But remarkably, the collective’s pop treasure/ detritus sensibility, while astute, is only compassionately satirical, and hardly ironic at all. Mainly it's really funny and looks great. - Johanna Fateman


Classic Movie downloads


From a selection of classic movies to download :
Fritz Lang's classic M (pictured)
Luis Buñuel's Un Chien Andalou
F.W. Munarau's 1922 Nosferatu
Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari the sets of which were believed to have been a great influence on Kurt Schwitters Merzbau
Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin
Hitchcock's 1934 The man who knew too much
Bela Lugosi in White Zombie
And finally a 1942 propaganda film for ehh...hemp Hemp for victory

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In case everyone has not seen it - - is a great site for browsing - but mainly i'm posting it for all the archivers, remixers and mashers out there looking for material.

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new name for Net Art News?



Marisa Olson:

Dear readers,

I'm writing to solicit your advice. We would like to change the name of Net Art News and I'd like your input on a new name.

As Lauren mentioned in a recent note to you, Rhizome is currently redesigning our site. This is an exciting moment in which we are thinking about all the recent developments in our field and how Rhizome can reflect, support, and foster them.

On the editorial side, my goal with Net Art News has been to broaden our scope and reach, getting more international in our coverage and also covering not only internet art but also software art, performance, sound art, data visualization, technology-enabled social sculpture, locative media, video, and the myriad other branches of new media practice.

While we are by no means giving up on net art, the title Net Art News no longer reflects the breadth of the publication. The first and simplest title that comes to mind is 'Media Art News,' but of course this is potentially dry. I'm also not necessarily looking to split hairs over the phrases 'media art' and 'new media art.' The title needs to be rather short, self-descriptive, and hopefully also inviting.

What are your suggestions? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like to refamiliarize yourself with Net Art News, you can look up previous pieces, by month, here:

With thanks,


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A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation


A fabulous breakdown of the evolution of GCI in film from some knowledgeable and windy eggheads. The generous smattering of clips found on the site which to illustrate their discussion keep it moving nicely.

A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation (lesson6) [accad.osu]


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New on Audiohyperspace



"free lutz!" by Johannes Auer

Dec 8, 2005, 7 p.m. CET, Berlin: FM 95.2 - Wroclaw/Poland: FM 91.3

The stochastic texts by the German mathematician Theo Lutz from the year 1959 are considered being among the milestones of computer-generated poetry. Stochastic texts are texts whose words are defined by chance. Sentences ort parts of sentences are selected by chance operations and are put together to form a language continuum. The free lutz! radio project by Johannes Auer, one Germany's best-known net artists, is based on reprogramming the original pioneering work. A web interface allows listeners to influence the generation of text both at the gallery and on the Internet. The listeners can participate in generating the text, done by the machine, via a web interface. Together with the computer, the listeners will create the textual basis of the live program, during which a speaker will "stage" in real time the computer poetry. Text input is possible in German and Polish.

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Augmented plants


machineARIA invites the viewer to contemplate a hybrid ecosystem - natural and artificial - of electromechanically modified plants. The augmented plants contain the source of the wind that sways and caresses them.


A custom circuit with a PIC microcontroller is connected to five motors with their propellers and LEDs, each one grafted to the trunk of a bamboo plant. The motors and LEDs are being turned on and off sequentially: the resulting motion simulates a delicate wind blow.

A work by Ruben Coen Cagli.


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history of programming languages



an intruiging 39" x 17" visualization diagram of 50 years of programming history, which plots over 50 programming languages on a multi-layered, color-coded timeline. [ &]


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Imagine the home in 2020


Electrolux What will the home of the future look like in 2020? The Electrolux design lab jury selected 12 designers who participated in a design workshop in Stockolm, Sweden. "1st prize: The form of Air Wash is inspired by the waterfall, nature’s negative ion generator and regenerator. Its button-less interface is intriguing yet intuitively simple, humanizing the often mechanical experience when handling household appliances." Check out the rest for some Maker project inspiration - and build the future now! Link.


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