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Odeo goes less


Odeo redesigns with less in mind. Their home page simply presents four clear tour options and one clear sign-up button (and what’s not to love about the dead simple signup form — there’s not even an “I agree


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Exploring Different Aspects of Game Culture

Friday/Saturday, 9 and 10 December, 2005--Facilitated by Josephine Starrs and Leon + Anand Vivek Taneja--In this two day workshop Josephine and Leon Cmielewski will demonstrate a range of works exploring different aspects of game culture, including digital game modification, game art, machinima, mixed reality games, locative based gaming and the concept of gameplay. Ideas of 'gameplay' include interactivity design which may take many forms. For example decision making, navigating space, the structure of game content, collaborative or competitive interaction with other players, and the physical aspects of play.

The workshop will consist of demonstrations, practical exercises, and experiments in the development of locative games. Participants will combine a walk through Delhi University, the site of the workshop, with Anand, and material they gather will form the basis for developing a gaming experience.

Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski are Australian media artists who have worked together on several projects which incorporate the language and structure of digital games. They use play in their work as a strategy for engaging with the social and political contradictions inherent in contemporary society.

Anand V. Taneja is a researcher with the Publics and Practices in the History of the Present project, Sarai-CSDS.

For more details and to register for the workshop, write to: aarti[at] Sarai.


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Spyglass for Amplifying Nostalgic Feelings


Spyglass, by Fumiaki Murakami, is a spy glass that provides immersive 360-dgree virtual reality experiences. When you rotate the spyglass, what you see moves in the right manner, giving you the illusion of peeping into a real space. You can also zoom in and out.

spyglass1.jpg spyglass2.jpg
[Using spy glass.]

Murakami uses this device to convey a kind of nostalgic feeling related to one's childhood. He visited places where he played as a kid, took pictures, and recreated 360-degree scenery in black and white, which can only be viewed through the spyglass.

Spyglass seems to amplify nostalgic feelings -- someone who used this device says it could provide very emotional experiences if its zooming feature can be enhanced to allow one to smoothly zoom into realistic close-up views.

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Trioon I


Frankfurt-based visual artist Karl Kliem teamed up with ambient music favorites Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto to create Trioon I for the SOUNDxVISION Festival last year. Why it takes three people to make what kind of looks like the graphic EQ on Winamp is beyond us, but this is a very good video to watch while you meditate deeply on why there are a bunch of people staring at the drool rolling down your slack-jawed chin.

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto + Karl Kliem - Trioon I [Dienststelle]
Thanks to Set.


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INTERVIEW: McKenzie Wark, the democracy of the image By Richard Mitchell


This interview was originally published on Webzine in 2004. It is republished on newmediaFIX with permission. I recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing McKenzie Wark, author of A Hacker Manifesto,[1] which is a disquisition on the new class struggle developing between the creators and users of ‘intellectual property’ and those who would control [...]


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Jillian Mcdonald - Me and Billy Bob


Me and Billy Bob
Me and Billy Bob (2004, 22.7MB, 7:04 min.)

Jillian inserts herself into existing film clips. here, as the recurring object of actor
Billy Bob Thornton’s affection. visit her ongoing website


I really love this project

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Fine Art in Space and 31GRAND present: PodART



[....] PodART December 9, 2005 - January 17, 2005 at FINE ART IN SPACE Opening Reception: December 9, 2005, 7 to 9pm

Fine Art in Space is pleased to present in collaboration with 31GRAND,t he first group exhibition of video art intended to be viewed and sold solely on the iPod.

[....] Artists featured in PodART will include the work of: Gogol Bordello,Jason Clay Lewis, Nelson Loskamp, MTAA, Marisa Olson, EugenioPercossi, Jean Pigozzi, Adam Stennett, Lee Walton, and Jeff Wyckoff. [....]


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The Other Middle America


Looking at a map, Central America appears as a link connecting the massive North and South American continents. Sandwiched between Honduras and Costa Rica, at the center of this connective tissue, is Nicaragua. Like many places situated between such large and often opposing forces, its history contains many narratives of conflict and migration. To investigate these contentious histories, New Jersey-based artist Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga has created 'Fallout,' a project that uses the web to redirect the grand narratives of Nicaragua through the identities of historical figures and the site's visitors. Personal recollections augment, disrupt, and coexist with stories of socialist revolutions and US interventions. The internet-based work will also inform a new installation by the artist at Momenta Art, in Brooklyn, from 9 December through 23 January. The physical manifestation of the project, titled 'Fallout: What's Left,' will feature specially-commissioned propaganda posters, a new video game, a mini FM radio station, and free voice-over-internet phone calls for migrants separated from their families during the holidays. Viva la historias colectivas! - Ryan Griffis


Knowing the World through Sound symposium at NYU Dec 11th



New York Update

Special Event

Knowing the World through Sound
Sunday, December 11

Electronic Music Foundation
In collaboration with the NYU Music Technology Program
Knowing the World through Sound
A symposium and concert exploring the use of sound to understand the world

Sunday, December 11
10am to 10pm
Admission: free

NYU Frederick Loewe Theatre
35 West 4th Street
New York City

More information:
Knowing the World through Sound is an introductory event to An Ear to the Earth: A Festival of Music, Sound and Ecology, a citywide festival of music, sound and media art that explores how we relate to the natural world and human environments through sound. During a ten-day period in October 2006, the festival will offer concerts, installations, public art, encounters, soundwalks, and educational programs in locations across New York City.


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Call for Artwork and Papers: IV 2006 and CGIV 2006


Elisa Giaccardi:

Please share. Apologies for multiple postings.

Call for Artwork and Papers:

IV 2006, International Conference on Information Visualization

London, England
CGIV 2006, International Conference on Computer Graphics, Image and

Visualization, Sydney, Australia


1 February 2006: Digital Art Gallery (D-ART 06)
1 March 2006: Submission of papers & Submission of tutorials
25 April 2006: Submission of camera-ready material.

All the info can be found at:

Thank you.


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