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Extreme Abstraction 4


The Albright-Knox Gallery's website really blows chunks. I've been bitching (good naturedly) about their "Extreme Abstraction" show, thinking it was just the four fairly un-extreme artists I mentioned, but it turns out those were just the four participating in the extreme symposium. The website doesn't list the artists in the exhibition! Or if it does I missed it. Does anyone know who is in the exhibit, and if there is anyone more extreme in it than Liz Larner, Linda Besemer, Katharina Grosse, Ingrid Calame, and David Reed? Also, why are Cory Arcangel, Paper Rad, and Tree Wave performing in connection with the exhibit? Are they extreme abstract artists?

Further digging on the Albright site pulled up this para: "'Extreme Abstraction' is a major installation that will open to the public in the summer of 2005. Commissions by leading, (sic) abstract artists, recent acquisitions of contemporary art, and masterworks from the Gallery's collection will be highlighted together and throughout the entire Gallery to provide visitors with a visual representation of the history and future of abstract art. Artists such as Polly Apfelbaum, Lynda Benglis, Arthuro Herrera, Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, and Pae White are only a few of the many artists who will be represented, several of whom will be working at the Gallery on site-specific installations for this exhibition." OK, this gets more blue chip by the minute.


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source code blog


Luís da Silva:

just letting you know I started a blog called SOURCE CODE, dedicated to debating issues connected to digital art, hactivism, tactical media, resistance, critical theory...

now featuring:

"An artist in the chat room", a text discussing Art_room, an online performance by Susana Mendes Silva

"Confess yourself", a text discussing Confess, a web project by Stewart Smith

feel free to join a debate or start a new post

Best wishes

Luís Silva


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Our City Beyond Billboards


From the giant Sony Jumbotron atop Times Square, to the teeny cell phones we use for AOL messaging, digital billboards have an increasing presence on our city streets. Traditionally a venue for corporate advertising, what could these "urban screens" accomplish if commercial agendas weren't at the helm? Come September, a panel of international experts in the arts, urban studies and digital culture, will gather at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, to explore this question. The conference entitled, Urban Screens 2005: Discovering the Potential of Outdoor Screens in Urban Society, strategizes for the de-commercialization of digital displays. As the program poses, "How can we change from consumer entertainment to participation of a wide range of users, involving [all] in the production of space?" The 2-day conference is organized into four categories: Shaping the Urban Media-Scapes, Addressing the Social Value and Civic Culture through Participation, Opening the Commercial Use of Outdoor Screens, and the Future Technology of Outdoor Screens. Combined, these topics suggest tools for urban dwellers to take responsibility for their digital landscape. - Alyssa Wright


Women in Games (8-10th August)


Building on the resounding success of the pioneering Women in Games conference, 2004, we are pleased to announce "Women in Games 2005".

This topical event will feature the following keynotes speakers:

Ernest Adams: Game design consultant and author, founder of IGDA, Melissa Federoff: Microsoft Games Usability Engineer
Aphra Kerr: Media Research Centre, University of Ulster,Northern Ireland
Constance Steinkuehler: MMOG researcher and game columnist, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

WiG 2005 is an opportunity to bring together women who work in the field of computer games both nationally and internationally. One of the aims of the event is to be a forum for recognising the tremendous achievements that have been made in industry and academia, by "women in games".
The WiG 2005 conference will highlight to both the academic and industrial world the most recent, groundbreaking work in this area of computer game research and development.

WiG 2005 will take place August 8 - 10 inclusive, timed to immediately precede the Edinburgh International EntertainmentFestival. The conference will be held in the newly built student centre at the University of Abertay Dundee.

We invite you to visit our website for further details

Registration is now available online.


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The sidewalk that Tetris built


The sidewalk that Tetris built, originally uploaded by atari2600.

I know the general rule of thumb is that geeks don’t like to get their hands dirty. However, occasionally I relish the chance to get out on the weekend and build, fix, or improve things around the ol’ homestead. I took this picture this morning of a brick walkway I am putting in.

While this was a ton of manual labor, I found that even in bricklaying, nerdiness has its place. I spent about 45 minutes in a zombie-like state while my mind processed the stack pattern involved in laying this pathway. I was trying to figure out how to arrange this pattern so that it would not require any side cuts (cutting the bricks with a wet saw). Additionally, the pallet that I bought contained three sizes of bricks all in equal numbers. To ensure that I didn’t end up running out of one of the sizes, I had to design my pattern so that it repeated and that it used the same amount of bricks in the various sizes.

I don’t know if you can tell from this cellphone camera picture, but this pattern spans over six interlocking rows and contains 18 large blocks, 18 medium blocks and 18 small blocks. Here is where the nerdiness comes into play, I don’t think that I would have been able to visually arrange all this without those hours of training in front of the NES (my driving skill also greatly benifited from hours infront of “Out-Run


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Bendable electronic paper


An anonymous reader writes “Fujitsu today announced their joint development of the world’s first film substrate-based bendable color electronic paper with an image memory function. The new electronic paper features vivid color images that are unaffected even when the screen is bent, and features an image memory function that enables continuous display of the same image without the need for electricity. The thin and flexible electronic paper uses very low power to change screen images, thereby making it ideal for displaying information or advertisements in public areas as a type of new electronic media that can be handled as easily as paper. The jointly developed electronic paper will be showcased at Fujitsu Forum 2005, to be held July 14 and 15 at Tokyo International Forum.


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Rhizome ArtBase 101 NY1 video


I’m back from Ohio just in time to do some own-horn-tootin’ for MTAA.

I’ve posted a quicktime version of the NY1 report on the Rhizome Artbase 101 exhibition at The New Museum.

Download it here (quicktime, 02’33, 8.2MB)

And my name isn’t Tom!


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WE Riders Pilot Ride, 7/23/05


ryan griffis:
> P L E A S E    F O R W A R D
      W E    R i d e r s    
Pilot Ride:
                 ++   July 23, 3PM - 7PM, Jack London Square &
Downtown Oakland, CA   ++
-->The WE Riders (West-East Oakland Riders) ecotourism exploration
will initiate their research project to culturally and geographically
locate West and East Oakland with their tandem bicycle during the 2005
Bayennale. The marksearch team (Sue Mark & Bruce Douglas) will use
their tandem bike to draw west-east lines showing the longitude in
Downtown Oakland during the Bayennale's opening (7/23) event.
-->The 2005 Bayennale is slated to take place in over 20 venues
throughout the Bay Area July 22 - August 7, 2005.   The first Bay Area
International Biennial Arts Festival will include hundreds of
exhibits, shows and art performances from here and abroad. For a
complete schedule of events, please visit
-->The marksearch team will illustrate the WE Riders project with a
full-scale model of the tandem bike and travelling kiosk at 65
Washington Street in the Port of Oakland Building (next to Tony Roma's
Restaurant) in Jack London Square.  Visiting hours are
Thursday-Sunday, 11am-4pm, July 23 - August 7.  The model can be seen
from the storefront window at any time.
--> WE Riders is an interdisciplinary, on-site creative research
project to give West & East Oakland residents the opportunity to
culturally define, physically locate, and celebrate their
neighborhoods through stories and images that we will collect and
display on a trailer-kiosk pulled by our tandem bicycle. The full
project will take place Spring, 2006.
For more information about WE Riders, please contact:
marksearch || cultural researchers


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Subverting and Perverting Gameboy


Super Kid Fighter, by the Critical Art Ensemble and the Carbon Defense League, is based on the premise that due to the influence of games in childhood development, a GameBoy is the perfect media for tactical media activism targeting children.


The artists illegally hacked the GameBoy. The resulting GameBoy ROM requires the player to wag school, sell drugs, work for the mafia and kill a policeman to obtain the reward of the game - free admission to the town's newest brothel. The project was conceived prior to children gaining easy access to the internet. The project was coupled with a media package for teenage boys titled Child As Audience, which included radical software, instructions on how to hack a GameBoy, a CD of hardcore music, and a pamphlet on the oppression of youth.

A few years ago, the CAE even placed these "improved" games on store shelves in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Instructions for Reverse-Engineering the Chip.

Via selectparks.


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PBS to release NerdTV under a Creative Commons License


I'm always amazed at how far the power of invention mixed with a determination to realize your idea on a large scale can take you. That's why the new PBS one hour television series about the people who are shaping technology and the Silicon Valley landscape seems so interesting. PBS will be launching NerdTV, the first downloadable, web-exclusive series, beginning Sept. 6th. You can check it out here. NerdTV viewers are encouraged to download and copy the shows, share them with friends and even post them on their own Web sites - all legally.


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