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London college launches all CC/wiki program


Cory Doctorow: London's Ravensbourne College is creating a new program called the School of Computing for the Creative Industries. The whole of the coursewear is Creative Commons licensed and the school itself is organized via a wiki. That's pretty twenty-first-century education!

The School of Computing for the Creative Industries is a new departure for Ravensbourne College. It retains Ravensbourne's commitment to vocationalism and practical skills, as well as Ravensbourne's spirit of innovation and enterprise. Though the School takes its inspiration and values from the core of the Ravensbourne tradition, it also embraces new opportunities and a new vision. The School's programmes are rigorous with a strong technical focus. One of the undergraduate programmes is delivered entirely via e-learning. The other programmes make strategic use of e-learning, digital communications, and Web 2.0 technologies as a living demonstration of, and a process of practical research in, the subject matter of the School.

The learner-practitioner is the heart and life-blood of the School. We recognise that the creative professional of the future - the new creative - has a distinctive skill-set and an easy relationship with technology. The new creative is a connected citizen, whose passions and campaigns, ideas and innovations appear first on their blog. The new creative uses the internet as an inspirational resource, drawing on that vast, interconnected meme-pool, but returning far more to it than s/he ever withdraws. Fundamentally, the new creative understands that s/he is defined by the impact and credibility of their online presence.

As the creative industries bifurcate into the twin realities of intellectual property businesses, and crafts-for-hire, the new creative has the skill, and panache, to exploit the opportunities of the new creative landscape.



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Under the Data, the Stars


While Tate Modern hosts the encyclopedic Open Systems, charting how art first extended its reflexivity to the outside world, over in Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham Ellie Harrison has curated a touring exhibition, website and publication that slots the conceptualist avowal of the materiality of information into Walter Benjamin's dictum about seeing the everyday as impenetrable and the impenetrable as everyday. As Sarah Cook's contextualising essay points out, 'collection' and 'manipulation' of data both present viable ways of hacking the minutiae of the over-examined life. Other touchstones for the project are the role of data harvesting in state and corporate control, the 'counter-data' of quixotic and mundane statistics and the new solipsistic public sphere of the blog and the online photo archive. 4 web projects include Kevin Carter's babytalk linguistics package and Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum's jaw-droppingly expansive and off-kilter laundry detergent dérive: 'In our laboratory we exchange our eyes for soap bubbles and they feel much better.' - Marina Vishmidt




Marjan van Mourik:
The 2nd International Festival of Audio-Visual Arts “VIDEOLOGIA


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Game Paused


Game Paused is "calling all artists, designers, writers, musicians, directors, programmers and animators with a passion for the video game."


Projects sent will be featured in an upcoming interactive art exhibition and proabbly also in a book.

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The $256 Question - and CAE


The $256 Question
By Stan Cox, AlterNet. Posted July 25, 2005.


By prosecuting Steven Kurtz and Robert Ferrell, is the Justice Department trying to clamp a lid on political art or looking to chalk up a win by exploiting fears of bioterrorism?
by Stan Cox

S. marcescens: dangerous bacteria or harmless art material?
The way William Hochul sees it, the situation couldn't be simpler: "We take an oath to follow the Constitution and enforce the law. The law says you can't acquire any property by fraud -- whether it's a gun or an automobile or something biological, it doesn't matter."


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Fourth Annual Select Media Festival:



Fourth Annual Select Media Festival
[ Insurgent Media Arts ]
October 20- October 30 / Chicago / U$A

Deadline for Submissions: - Sept 11, 2005

Select Media Festival is seeking shorts, documentaries, net based projects, audio projects, installations, publications, texts, presentations, video programs from individual creators and curators, performance and music projects, paintings and works on paper such as posters, stickers, street and agitprop arts of all sorts to share with audiences that will visit our insurgent media arts festival.

The festival kicks off October 20, 2005. This year our main hub will be the Iron Studios building in Bridgeport, Chicago. The 70,000+ sq ft factory space will feature multiple screening rooms, installations, exhibitions, performance programs and a Secret History of Chicago Museum. A neighborhood intervention, and multiple venues across the city of Chicago will host additional programs.

The theme of Select Media Festival 4 is Secret Histories
Project threads we are currently exploring:
· Secret histories of Chicago
· The Fake, Hoaxes and Pranks
· Manufactured Dissent / A Media Literacy
· Cultural Counterintelligence
· Experiments in Error

The festival components:
· Neighborhood arts walk in Bridgeport (Oct 22)
Exhibition: Return of the Community of The Future, Bridgeport: The Secret Histories.
· Performance: Live art, music programs
· Video and film programs
· Web Selections:
· Exhibition: The New Chicagoans
· Guest programs

Submission Guidelines:
Please contact us via email and/or send materials and submissions by post.
A 300-1000 word proposal, photos and any necessary materials may be submitted. media: Send urls to elisa(at)

Video: Moving image Entries may be produced on any film or video format, however they must be submitted on DVD (PAL and NTSC ), Mini DV (NTSC only), or VHS (NTSC only). Each film or video must be accompanied by a ...


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Report From Artbots 2005



Jonah Brucker-Cohen:
Report from Artbots 2005, July 15-17, 2005

Held for the first time outside of the US, the 4th annual "Artbots: The Robot Talent Show" took place in Saints Michael and John church in Dublin, Ireland. During an unusually warm summer in Dublin, the yearly event showcased over 20 projects from 10 countries ranging from kinetic art-producing robots to solar robot and scrapyard sound workshops. Organized by Douglas Irving Repetto and curated this year with Michael John Gorman and Marie Redmond, the event featured an even more international group of artists than from previous years coming from as far as South America, Europe, US, and the Middle East.
The show was held in conjunction with the larger, summer-long "Save The Robots" festival about the culture and history of robots organized by The Ark, a cultural center for children located in the heart of Dublin's Temple Bar district.


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Watch Me Do This and That Online


Ian Mills has promised a video a day on his vlog, the 05 Project

By SARAH BOXER, Published: July 25, 2005. Vlogs, or video blogs, are beginning to look a lot like television, and like the medium, have problems coming up with fresh programming on a regular basis.


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Heaven & Earth Foundation Launch Party


You are cordially invited to a party in celebration of the launching of the new project on The Thing.

Thursday, July 28th, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Postmasters Gallery
459 w. 19th St. NYC 10011


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