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Ambient Politics


What does the global AIDS crisis sound like? How about the displacement of people from the dwindling stock of affordable housing in cities like Los Angeles? Since 1994, a collective of artists, activists and musicians known as Ultra-red have created sound works and performances that combine ambient music and confrontational politics. Based in LA, Ultra-red's practice of working with field recordings to make sonic montages has produced a complex collection of albums and public performances. Since early works like "Soundtracks," based on the group's on-site work with needle-exchange advocates, they have worked with housing activists ("Structural Adjustments") and international labor organizations ("Social Factory"), producing albums and events that challenge both the political and aesthetic dimensions of social spaces. Past Ultra-red works, as well as those of their collaborators, can be found in their "Public Record Archive," an online collection of downloadable sounds, images, movies and texts. What one will find is a mix of experimental documentary, electronica and community organizing that, like the space surrounding us, demands attention from multiple senses. - Ryan Griffis


Audio Signal Processing Workshop



Audio Data, Synthesis, Patching & Streaming

Audio Signal Processing/Digital Sound Workshop: Rotterdam, 1 - 4 September 2005; Applications Deadline August 19, 2005--In a four-day workshop hosted by V2_, sound artists Frank Barknecht and Aymeric Mansoux will introduce the basics of Audio Signal Processing (ASP) in the fields of real-time music production. This workshop specifically targets people who want to develop their work in the digital sound field or those people curious about the processes involved behind the audio software they already use.


WORKSHOP DATE: Thursday 1 - Sunday 4 September 2005, 11:00-18:00 hrs
HOST: V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media
FEE: 60 euros
LOCATION: V2_, Eendrachtsstsraat 10, Rotterdam
FOOD & DRINKS: free tea+coffee, lunch included
HOUSING: not included
HARDWARE: computers are provided

V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media
Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam, NL
PO Box 19049, 3001 BA Rotterdam, NL
Tel + 31 10 206 72 72 | Fax + 31 10 206 72 71
E-mail info AT | URL


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Aljira Emerge OPEN CALL


An opportunity for New York and New Jersey area artists.

MTAA are just completing this program. It was very helpful in helping us define our goals and coming up with strategies for attaining them. Aljira has a really nice exhibition space in Newark and Emerge is done in association with Creative Capital.

The Aljira Emerge program involves strategic planning workshops, an exhibition, and other professional development programs.

From Aljira:

We are now accepting applications for the fall 2005 semester of Aljira Emerge, a career management and exhibition program for emerging artists.

Click here to learn more and download a PDF application.

All applications for the fall semester, which begins September 24, 2005, must be in Aljira’s office by FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2005. This is not a postmark deadline!

Net/New Media artists should apply!


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Beta Launch of Processing


Jessica Ivins:

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for
people who want to program images, animation, and sound. It is used by
students, artists, designers, architects, researchers, and hobbyists for
learning, prototyping, and production. It is created to teach fundamentals
of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software
sketchbook and professional production tool. Processing is developed by
artists and designers as an alternative to commercial software tools in
the same domain.

The beta software for Processing 1.0 was released 20 April 2005 and can be
downloaded here. Bug fixes are being made as we head toward the 1.0
release. Processing is free to download and available for Linux, Mac OS X,
and Windows. Please help in releasing version 1.0!

Processing is an open project initiated by Ben Fry (Broad Institute) and
Casey Reas (UCLA Design | Media Arts). Processing evolved from ideas
explored in the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Please visit our sister projects:
Wiring, a programming environment and i/o board for prototyping with
electronics and constructing physical machines and interfaces. (coming soon)
Processing Mobile, a programming environment and library for writing
software for mobile phones.

Jessica Ivins


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Celebrating Turbulence's Networked_Performance Blog


Jo-Anne Green:
July 27, 2005
Celebrating Turbulence's Networked_Performance Blog

The networked_performance blog is now one year old. With 1,100 entries,
and 1,200 visits per day (and climbing), networked_performance has
become an important resource for practitioners, scholars and the general
blogosphere. Our Guest Bloggers have included Nathaniel Stern (South
Africa), Michelle Kasprzak (Canada), Régine Debatty (Belgium), Yukihiko
Yoshida (Japan), and Adriana de Souza e Silva (US); Luís Silva
(Portugal) will begin in September. Renowned author, Howard Rheingold
("The Virtual Community" and "Smart Mobs"), said "Networked Performance
(is) one of my favorite blogs about location-based experiments beyond
the usual boring stuff."

Helen Thorington and Michelle Riel have been guests on "empyre" this
month (, presenting
their analysis of the blog contents, and they'll be moderating the
"Networked Performance: How Does Art Affect Technology and Vice Versa?"
panel at SIGGRAPH 2005 on Monday, August 1 from 3:45-5:30 p.m.


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intelligent agent Vol. 5 No. 1 -- Special Issue: Artistic Virtual Environments


Christiane Paul:
intelligent agent Vol. 5 No. 1 -- Special Issue: Artistic Virtual Environments
Articles now available at

intelligent agent is published in a modular format:
+Thematic threads
Special Issue Vol. 5 No. 1:
//artistic virtual environments//
+reviews of games, exhibitions, books

All content is available in html and as pdf files.


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Editor position at

(0), a leading platform for new media art, is seeking an Editor to oversee its two publications, Net Art News and the Rhizome Digest, and site content. Excellent editorial and writing skills, extensive knowledge of the new media arts field and strong communication skills required.


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Farewell to Kevin


After two great years with Rhizome, Kevin McGarry will be moving on as of August 15th. McGarry started out as Content Coordinator overseeing Net Art News and the Rhizome Digest; in this position, McGarry brought a host of new writers into the fold and kept both publications on the edge of events, projects and new media arts discourse. As ArtBase Coordinator, a position created for him in 2004, McGarry grew the ArtBase tremendously. He devoted considerable energy to seeking out projects and was also very active in his consideration of submissions. McGarry=B9s work with Rhizome also expanded beyond these two roles: his collaboration was instrumental in the design of our new membership policy, and his vision has underlined countless other projects, particularly our Guest-Curated Exhibitions program in which he worked very closely with the invited curators. His ideas, rigor and energy will be missed, but I=B9m certain his career will keep him close to the Rhizome community. It is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we wish him farewell.


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The Upgrade! Montreal:



The In & Out of the Sound Studio Conference

Thursday, July 28 - 7pm - free: The Upgrade! Montreal presents the In & Out of the Sound Studio conference on gender and sound technology, in collaboration with Concordia University. Featuring performances by artists Sylvie Chénard, Ellen Waterman, Airi Yoshioka, Shona Dietz & Éveline Boudreau. With hosts Liselyn Adams & tobias c. van veen.


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Call for Participation


Léon Cullinane:
Léon Cullinane Call ‘DIY SURVIVAL’ (There is no Subculture, only Subversion) Publication.

C6 invite submissions for a forthcoming publication on strategies, methods and techniques of DIY art practices. We are seeking innovative, critical and radical approaches to diverse art practice and organization focused on how to produce art unbound by market, commerce, and whitecubes. The aim is to produce a guide of tactical means for collective art making.

We are looking for a wide range of perspectives, essays, case studies, artworks and interviews to articulate and promote the idea of self generative cultural events and the collective production of art. Contributions from artists, activists, cultural producers, and other related professionals are welcome.

C6 wish to keep the possible topics vague enough for interpretation, a starting point may be:

· Ethos, history and politics of DIY art and culture
· Occupation of territories
· Culture jamming, guerrilla art practices
· Strategies of audience engagement
· Tales of endurance, invention and uncompromising passion
· Resistance and the creation of communities
· Question of authorship/ownership in collaborative systems

Keywords: community, digital, tactical, strategic, interactive, intervention, pervasive, collective, fine art sausage machine.

Deadline for submission is 1st September 2005. Comments and queries can be sent to


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