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Return of the Dot Matrix Printer: dot_matrix_synth


Paul Slocum: dot_matrix_synth

Paul Slocum: dot_matrix_synth

the terror of printing school essays on my old 9-pin dot matrix printer. Not only did it take forever, it made a terrible noise and the tractor feed was prone to jamming and needed constant attention. Several times I was late for school due to printer mishaps at the very last minute. But the magic of seeing each line appear dot by dot was impressive.

dot_matrix_synth by Paul Slocum (a “geek artist/musician/hacker living in dallas, texas

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(0) (2003, 7.5MB, 47 sec. )

visit -  video archive,   mp3 audio archive
review - Josephine Bosma selection 2001 -  m/e/t/a (2004, 13.5MB, 45 sec. )


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ComputersForArt is a non-profit organization which aims to promote the re-use of redundant technology, such as computer/office equipment, through collecting and storing such equipment for use by artists in public exhibitions.


To help funding the organization, a small proportion of donated equipment is sold to individuals and charitable organizations at the lowest price possible.

By Glasgow-based artist Sandy Smith.

Via Neural.


Awesome. Now we just need 'Nintendoes for Art' and 'iPods for Art'!

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dot clock


dotclock.jpga real-time clock visualization that represents the current time by coloring dots within a large pixel matrix that in turn depicts all the seconds within a day, because 'dots can help you grasp big numbers'. see also colhour, streetclock & lastclock for other alternative clocks. []


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Check out Jim Minton's Cumpleanos, an "experiment in time" in which 52 years worth of photographs are aligned and morph from one to the next. Part of the extremely cool Post Video Art website, which features interesting short bits of video experimentation from all around the web.

Cumpleanos [Post Video Art]


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ISEA2006 Edgy Products call


Rhizome YProductions:


This is an invitation by the ISEA2006 Symposium and ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge to groups and individuals to submit proposals for exhibition of interactive art work and projects reflecting on the thematic of Edgy Products. This is the first and only call for artworks in this category.

Proposals Due: December 15th, 2005
Final Decisions: Feb 10, 2006




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Job Opportunity at the Beall Center


Marisa Olson:
[...]The Beall Center for Art and Technology at UC Irvine seeks an energetic individual with project management and computer/AV experience to fill the position of Assistant Director. The Beall Assistant Director implements all programming (exhibitions, residencies, and events) for the Beall Center, is responsible for operations management of the Beall facility, and oversees the financial and hiring transactions for the Center.

The mission of the Beall Center is to support research and exhibitions that explore new relationships between the arts, sciences, and engineering, and thus, promote new forms of creation and expression using digital technologies. More information about the Center and its programming can be found at

UCI offers excellent benefits including a minimum of 3 weeks vacation per year. To be considered for this position, apply directly on-line at, click on Job Listings and Find Job. No. 2005-1203. UCI is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer dedicated to excellence through diversity.


The departure of Indi McCarthy will be a loss for the center, but this is a good opportunity for the right person...

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The Upgrade!Istanbul


basak senova:



The Upgrade!Istanbul, curated by Basak Senova, organized by NOMAD launches on 24th of November at 17:00, santralistanbul.

The Upgrade! is a network of international monthly meetings in the field of art and technology. Since 1999, The Upgrade! exists as forums for artists, designers, critics, curators and educators who form the communities in different cities to discuss and share knowledge. Current nodes include Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Munich, NYC, Oklahoma City, Scotland, Seoul, Sofia, Tel-Aviv, Istanbul, Vancouver and Toronto. Host organisations include Eyebeam,, New Media Scotland, Art Centre Nabi, The Western Front, The Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), InterSpace, I-camp, DCA, CCA,, Art Interactive, santralistanbul, and TUBE.

The Upgrade!Istanbul will be monthly gatherings of new media artists, curators and other actors of digital culture in Istanbul.


24th of November 17:00- Introduction of Upgrade! Network and Upgrade! Istanbul by Basak Senova, NOMAD 24th of November 17:30- A discussion on "interaction and performance" with Aylin Kalem of TECHNE, Ilyas Odman and Irmak Arkman of KargART and Cetin Sarikartal. Ilyas Odman and Irmak Arkman will present their latest performance along with some documentaries from Skopje, Macedonia.

17:00 @ santralistanbul
silahtaraga - halic - istanbul




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Sci-Femme Retrospective


In the early-1980s, American artist Lynn Hershman developed the first interactive video art disk, which featured Lorna, an indecisive agoraphobe living a 'remote control life.' Viewers navigated the thirty-six chapters encapsulating Lorna's seventeen minutes on film to create personalized stories. Now this and other formative cyberfeminist works by Hershman are on view in a touring retrospective opening November 5, at Seattle's Henry Art Gallery. 'Hershmanlandia' surveys thirty-five years of new media art, film, and video work. Besides working with digital avatars and surveillance technologies, Hershman has crossed over into the realm of feature filmmaking with two movies critics dubbed 'feminist science fiction.' Starring iconic actress Tilda Swinton, these experimental comedies revolve around themes of artificial intelligence, cloning, and virtual identity. Recently, Hershman has bridged the gap between her media art and film by translating a character from her 'Teknolust' into the web-based persona, Agent Ruby. This sensitive avatar verbally responds to users' queries, so come with questions prepared. - Matt Wolf


November on -empyre- soft-skinned space : Whispering in the Dark


Christina McPhee:

November on -empyre-: Whispering in the Dark with the collective
Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (US)

Whispering in the Dark,

-- conspiratorial incantations. Theory making sense of the place
you’re stumbling around in.

For November 2005, -empyre- is pleased to invite the Journal's
perspectives on the commodification of theoretical discourses.

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is painfully aware of the ex- appropriation of localizable discourses due to an international art
market that imagines itself uncritically de-centered and is ever
hungry for newly displaced objects and meanings. New Media itself is
one of the main conduits for this emptied out experience of culture.
With this discussion we would like to investigate a different way to
frame discourse.

How can a discourse not be tied to the expression or promotion of
particular industrial technologies? How has and how can we reframe
the category of new media? How does new media and new media discourse
impact communities and social justice?

How does the commodification of discourse influence understandings of
tactical media's possibilities?


a link to the new issue (print copies now available to pre- order)

Join the conversation. Subscribe at



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