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UPDATE CFP: HumanSystems | DigitalBodies


Jeff Ritchie:

2006 iDMAa + IMS Conference HumanSystems | DigitalBodies


Final Call for Papers, Notes and Panels
Extended Deadline: December 5, 2005

The Conference seeks submissions of:

1) Papers for presentation and discussion. All papers will be refereed for acceptance and selected papers will be published in the iDMAa Journal. There will be an on-line proceedings, including all accepted work, as well. Please follow standard academic paper formatting conventions and do not exceed ten pages. YOU MAY SUBMIT A ONE-PAGE ABSTRACT AND/OR A TEN PAGE PAPER ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 5. FINAL PAPERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY MARCH 1.

2) Notes for presentation and discussion. Notes are at most two pages long. Online and interactive supplements can be included. "Notes" are intended to be a presentation of ideas that aren't quite as developed as a formal paper - much like an outline of ideas - leading to a discussion with the audience that allows the author to get their thoughts/reactions. YOU SHOULD SUBMIT THE FINAL VERSION OF THE NOTES ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 5.

3) Panels. Participants are also encouraged to propose panels on topics of specific interest. Panel submissions should include a brief description of the panel topic and list of panelists. Note that any panel chair submitting a panel with a minimum of four panelists who are full paying registrants to the conference will receive a discounted registration. Typical panel sessions will have brief comments from each panelist followed by a discussion led by the panel coordinator.

Submissions should be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Supplementary materials may be submitted in formats displayable by standard web browsers with freely available plug-ins (e. g. Flash, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player 10 or Quicktime.)

All submissions should include a cover letter indicating which conference track is preferred. (See web ...


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Dave Miller



It's an Online Soap Opera

Corrugation Street--by Dave Miller--is an experiment in collaborative storytelling and networked narratives. It’s a soap opera that you can help write. Get involved in making the story. Be a co-author, co-illustrator or a researcher. Change the subject of the story, the mood, or the look and feel. Create your own unique version of the story, told in your own personal way.

Chinese Cocklepickers is an interactive narrative which deals with the tragedy of the chinese migrant workers who died in Morecambe Bay, in the tragic events of February 2004. There are many separate and interconnected strands to this story: the experience of the workers who drowned, the bosses exploiting their cheap work, the reactions and feelings of the local people, the families in China and their reactions, and lastly the media/political reactions and economics behind the story. These strands are presented as parallel narratives through the story. Each one is small view of the bigger picture, each giving a different perspective. Users can choose their own path through the separate strands, so that they can affect, choose or change the plot. The result, we hope, is that each user experiences the story in a different way, and gains a unique perspective of the story. Design/story: Dave Miller; Programming: Kalle Kormann.

Dave Miller is currently studying a Master's Degree at Ravensbourne College, Kent, UK. His focus is on exploring new interactive story possibilities using networked technology. He's set up a blog to help develop his project and dissertation.


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Opsound Transit


CC label Opsound launched a completely redesigned site in September, adding a podcast, stream, forum, happenings, and tags.

If you're into innovative and free sounds, check out Opsound now.

The Opsound news feed is also well worth following. It's where I discovered SoundTransit, a community collecting under a CC Attribution license, with a cool travel motif and mapping feature.


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Pruned: Cellular Infrastructure

"From one company: 'The tremendous increase in demand for wireless towers has generated great opposition to the use of conventional, unconcealed structures. Both community and zoning requirements for high quality concealment are on the rise. Today, concealment issues may be the greatest obstacles to obtaining zoning approval. Preserved TreeScapes International's botanically correct tree tower products will help speed the approval process.'

Arcadia Ersatz as a function of zoning ordinances."

Cell tower dressed as a pine tree


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tagged exhibition - net/art?


michael kargl:

tagged exhibition - net/art?
i'm currently experimenting with - tags. the idea is to make an exhibition which can be seen in various layers thanks to tagging...
have a look:
this project is a work in progress and started recently after a discussion about curating with marisa s. olson and luís silva here: 2005/11/on-blogging-as-curating.html and while reading the comments on rhizome about lev manovich's article "Remix and Remixability"...
by now it's just a concept/ sketch, but:
comments are always welcome!


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monochrom festival and exhibition // Roböxotica 20...


monochrom festival and exhibition // Roböxotica 2005 / Vienna (16 November - 20 November): Roböxotica is the first and, inevitably, leading festival concerned with cocktail robotics. Until recently, no attempts were made to publically discuss the role of cocktail robotics as an index for the integration of technological innovations into the human Lebensraum, or to document the increasing occurrence of radical hedonism in man-machine communication. Roboexotica is an attempt to fill this vacuum. A micro mechanical change of paradigm in the age of borderless capital. Mr. Turing would without a doubt test this out. Scientists, researchers, computer geeks and artists from all over the world participate to build cocktail robots and discuss about technological innovation, futurology and science fiction.
Roböxotica is a cooperation with Shifz and 'Bureau für Philosophie', Vienna.

Public Fiction:

The topic of this year’s event is Public Fictions - Robots for (almost) everyone! The title public fictions refers to two different ways of collaboratively generating technical artefacts and cultural conventions: On the one hand it refers to the fact that society and technology are partly structured by fictions generated by the two of them together. It seems that certain technological developments have partly been defined by imaginariae derived from popular culture. [More....]


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three short movies by michael szpakowski


accordion fish
accordion fish (2005, 2.8MB, loop, 23 sec.)

An accordion, with some fish.

accordion fish
meadowhall to brightside (2005, 1.4MB, 1:30 min.)

A walk from Meadowhall station to Brightside, Sheffield, UK,
recorded on my cell phone.

ayran (2005, 3MB, 11 secs)

A pun in the sun, probably completely incomprehensible
to anyone not a Brit of a certain age..

See all 86 movies in the sequence to date.


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Furtherfield & HTTP Gallery


Mute has an article about’s expansion from totally digital presentations to also include gallery space.

From the HTTP site:

HTTP is London’s first dedicated gallery for networked and new media art. Working with artists from around the world HTTP provides a public venue for experimental approaches to exhibiting artworks simultaneously in physical and virtual space, and for online projects that explore participative and collaborative art practice. Artists’ projects on DVD, real-time, webcast, software art and live art also play a role in the curatorial work of HTTP.
Mute Article


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With two weeks remaining in our annual Community Campaign, Rhizome is close to reaching our goal! We hope you'll consider renewing your membership or becoming a member for the first time by our deadline of December 1st. If you are looking for additional motivation, watch 'RHIZOMERS,' a Net art piece made by Seoul-based artists YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES in support of the Campaign. Similar to their other works that evoke multiple film genres through a witty orchestration of text, tempo and the occasion emoticon, this short Flash animation compiles quotes by fictional people from all over the world. 'Susan' from 'Sunspot, Arizona' reports: 'I used to be into crystals/ now I'm into Rhizome/ its orgiastic.' In Manhattan, Wall Street worker 'Jason' confides: 'When I need to step back.. I click on those selfless new media artists/ are heroes to me.' If, as other characters in 'RHIZOMERS' claim, Rhizome can save troubled marriages and grow hair on the chests of adolescent boys, just think what we could do with your $25 membership contribution! -


three from


Repetition (2003, 14.6MB, 3:46 min.)

from - Geert Wachtelaer (Belgium)

the catalogue
the catalogue (2005, 23.5MB, 5:39 min.)

from - Chris Oakley (GB)

 à budapest
à budapest (1999, 13.2MB, 3 min.)

from - Camille Virolleaud (France)

Three diverse and very interesting pieces from the 60hrs plus
of experimental film and video on the wonderful French site - I’ll be going back again & again…


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