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Interview with Cory Arcangel by Seth Thompson


cory arcangel
Interview with Cory Arcangel (2004, 8MB, 3:35 min.)

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A classic...

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digital rattles



sound/image=binary algorithms

digital rattles covers works from south american artists -an argentinean, member of the brazilian group influenza and a colombian resident in spain and a spaniard who belongs to the london group ix software. they all coincide in one thing, developing what it is now called soundtoys, which are, plainly speaking, sound and visual based objects for navigators to play with. it could be said that they are sound games, but the suggestive word 'rattle' would describe it even better. [More....]


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Panic Attack!


What do you call it when a hardware collapse makes your computer spew reams of indecipherable messages? Kernel panic! What happens when 14 artists gather in London to explore new aesthetics in digital culture? Kernel Panic! Both events involve acts of spontaneous creativity, but the Temporary Contemporary gallery offers a curatorially focused exhibition that won't wipe out your hard drive. With international collaborations, fictionalised film documentaries, site-specific installations, computer animation, and digital and analogue sound performances, the show is a pan-cultural snapshot of the digital arts today. Check out Barcelona-based DJ Rupture's Asian/ Arabic/ hip-hop mixes, lightbox installations by India's Raqs Media Collective, or Brazilian-Netherlander Rafaël Rozendaal's luminous website images. And hey, who wouldn't want to check out an act called Man from Uranus? But hurry--on November 20th, the Panic stops. - Peggy MacKinnon


Remix is how we live



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UK's Guardian: Is it time for copyright law to change?

"Culture," Lessig has said, "is remix. Knowledge is remix. Politics is remix. Everyone in the life of producing and creating engages in this practice of remix. Companies do it. Politicians do it ... We all do it. This is what life is in the expression of creativity. Remix is how we live."

    <p><em>I'm loving this Lessig quote as I reBlog other reBlogs, requote other quotes and generally find ways to engage with the varies practices of sharing information whilst sifting, filtering and remixing such a wide variety of opinion... --amc</em></p><img src=""/>


And the reblogging continues.... mo

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We're enjoying the jibber jabber of becasue it reminds us of the out-of-California "underground" internet art of 1993 or so, back when goofy terms like "art damage" roamed the earth unquestioned by square philistines.


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Transforming Art: Fair Use Issues


This thursday, November 10th, the New York City Bar is giving a presentation and panel on copyright and fair use issues as they pertain to found-object and appropriation art. There are a few noteworthy speakers on the panel, such as:

Joel Wachs: President of the Andy Warhol Foundation and former candidate ...


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Technologized Bodies/Embodied Technologies


<p><img alt="caalef.gif" src="" width="180" height="28" border="0" style="float: left; margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px";><h4>LEF + Art Interactive/CAA06</h4><p></p>


Works on video that convey and/or solicit embodied subjects and/or embodied responses, and thus potentially rupture and/or problematize the notion that acts of viewing cohere us as the discrete and transcendent origins of vision and knowledge.

[....] So, in contrast to theories of new media or interpretations of technologies that insist on the obsolescence of the body--its replacement with the pure information of digital screens or digital codes activated on these screens--how do experimental media works explore bodies for their capacity to activate rather than suppress the object or subject produced/reproduced? When considering "bodies" in this context, why is the physical human body always referred to as the ideal example? Cannot a body potentially refer to any vessel of knowledge or ideas and languages constrained by, often superficially, designed parameters? This exhibition will attempt to rethink bodies (human and inhuman bodies, bodies of knowledge, of thought, of discourse, or history, etc) and technology (the tools used to make or do or practice, but also recalling the Greek techne, the acts themselves) in the widest sense of the terms: "Technologized Bodies/Embodied Technology" is a direct call to bodies--somebody, any body. [More....]


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Windows Washing Machine


The Windows Washing Machine is made out of a pc, an electrical tincan-opener, an alu-frame and two roadbricks.


As the computer rotates 360 degrees around its axis, all desktop elements such as windows, buttons and scrollbars respond to the constantly changing direction of gravity: they fall to the bottom of the screen all the time. A little stone is attached to the mouse which is also connected to the computer and functions as a balancing receptor. When the computer rotates, the mouse clicks and releases by the changes in gravity.

Harm van den Dorpels.
Thanks Sascha.


Luv this. It's almost as good as putting a giant magnet on top of an old tv... mo

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MTAA's Pre- Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances


M.River cartoonT.Whid cartoon

Hi Rhizome,

Tell Us What To Do!

MTAA's "10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances" is a project that allows you, the dirty mob of the unwashed Internet public, to decide what performance we do for an upcoming show!

Break down the clean, white walls of the rarified New York gallery world by telling us, MTAA, the elitist NYC net art snobs, what to do (via a simple on-line form)!

It's fun! Go there now and vote!

It's easy! Go there now and vote!

It's anti-establishment! Go there now and vote!

You get to pick from a selection of 10 titles and descriptions. Your choice is the performance we'll complete! The curator of the show and gallery directors have already agreed! The best part? All these ideas have already been rejected by other curators! Haha!

MTAA's "10 Pre-Rejected, Pre-Approved Performances" will be exhibited at Artists Space in a show entitled "We Are All Together: Media(ted) Performance" curated by Marisa Olson, which is in turn part of Empty Space With Exciting Events which is itself presented in partnership with Performa '05 The Performance Biennial. (Damn the NYC gallery world is complicated — it's like a mystery wrapped in an enigma then slathered with special confusion sauce.)


This was posted from MTAA's blog, earlier in the week, but I wanted to get the Rhizome discussion list item published to our "Rare" list...

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10 questions/more art


Plasma Studii:

we need a lot more people making computer art. most computer art is pretty bad. if you think about all the bob rosses and weekend nature water colorists most paintings are pretty bad too. but that's how the world is and that's cool. too much emphasis on quality is just discouraging. being bad is fine. however, there are so many painters that if even 5% are good, that's still a huge number. if 5% of net.artists are good that might be someone's little toe. more artists have more art to take as an example. the quality of the art doesn't matter. simply more examples will be helpful to us all. ...


Click thru for a long, insightful post --fh

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