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Hello/ rhizome upcoming


Lauren Cornell:


It's been just over 5 months since I started with Rhizome, and I thought it was time to share some ideas and priorities that the Rhizome staff has set.

Below, I lay out several upcoming projects to elicit any thoughts or questions you might have, and just for your information. A couple of them will call on your collaboration and insight; all of them relate to overall improvements of our existing services and online infrastructure.

1) New site design. [....]
2) Advanced Search[....]
3) Metadata Project[....]

These are a few headlines on our organizational horizon. Other upcoming projects include improvements to our Member Directory (more details to come), and our tenth anniversary program in Fall 2006 which we are envisioning as a festival of exhibitions, performances and events that wil be based in New York and also take place in other cities around the U.S. and internationally, and hopefully be a wide-ranging and diverse celebration of new media. We are looking to partner with other organizations for this, so please get in touch with me and Marisa - - if you are interested in exploring possibilities for collaboration.

[....] For those, who have contributed during the Campaign, thank you so much. I assure you every contribution is being put towards efforts to build a stronger, more effective Rhizome.


Click-through for the longer letter and details on the many exciting things happening at Rhizome. It's going to be big! And the new site will be awesome!

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Job Posting: Assistant Professor of Critical Studies


The Film and Digital Media Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, invites applications for a tenure-track position in critical studies. Applicants with a scholarly emphasis in international film and/or media are especially desirable; candidates with expertise in other areas of film, television and/or digital media theory and/or history are also invited to apply. Requires Ph.D. in relevant field of study, with demonstrated potential for excellence in innovative research and for excellence in university teaching.


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Open Call for Two-month Residencies in Prague for 2006


An Open Call for a two Two-month Residency at Open Studios Prague Dolni Pocernice (Czech Republic). The goal of the residency is to support the development of individual work and the collaboration of international artists. Both Czech and foreign artists are eligible to apply.


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Synthesis and Distribution: Experiments in Collaboration


“Synthesis and Distribution: Experiments in Collaboration


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Creative Online Panel Needed


Judges could live anywhere in the world as the tosoma projects will be only online based. We are looking for established international artists, designers as well as individuals working in film, advertising and web development.


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Public Display of Attention


Michael Alstad has a thing about public space. Through strategic appropriations of storefronts and commercial billboards, Canada's favourite exhibitionist creates street-level installations that offer society a lens-mediated look at itself. Alstad is now back in our faces as co-curator of Transmedia: 29:59, a year-long exhibition on the pedestrian level video billboard at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square. Developed with artist Michelle Kasprzak, the project features one-minute videos that run every half hour, on the 29th and 59th minute. November's works explore the webcam--that ubiquitous little icon of public surveillance and private voyeurism. On the 29th minute, Toronto can watch Cheryl Sourkes's 'Live from the Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas,' a series of videos showing various Elvis impersonators marrying a variety of heterosexual couples, which Sourkes made by animating stills captured from a remote webcam. Minute 59 features BlueScreen's 'StreamScape,' a perpetually changing video work made up of hybridized images from 13 webcams scattered throughout the world, all gathered on a server and incorporated into an on-line 'inhabited landscape.' Of course, you don't have to be in Toronto to experience these web works. Click on the Transmedia link to peep in on them from the comfort of your own screen. - Peggy MacKinnon


CULTURETV starts 'The Next Big Thing'- VODcasting


Marjan van Mourik:

CULTURETV is the first art webtv channel produced especially for culture, art and new media.Since its launching on the 15th of June CULTURETV is successfully received by the public.

CULTURETV starts VODcasting. CULTURETV is worldwide the first art webtv channel starting this video equivalent of the popular Podcasting. People who have iTunes 4.9 installed can subscribe to the video feed of the world-wide acclaimed site and get their favorite videos at home delivered.
CULTURETV starts with video items which are in the weekly playlist, but will add specials to the VODcast.
"This is a logical step in using the ultimate technologies", says Marjan van Mourik, director of CULTURETV. "The platform to promote and present contemporary art is interesting to explore all its possibilities. Just with one goal and that is to get people interested in art. Art is a very important part in what is life about. Viewers can subscribe to different types of content and choose their own selection. We start with the art content of CULTURETV and depending on the success will add documentaries, art videos, art events, et cetera. VODcasting will help people finding quality art content tv."
contact: Marjan van Mourik
tel.: 0031102339939

How to subscribe to the CULTURETV VODcast?
1) Open iTunes 4.9 (older versions don't work). If it's not available download at
2) Choose! 'advanced' en select the option 'subscribe to podcast'. Type and click ok.
3) You are now subscribed to the VODcast! Click on the arrow to watch video titles. Double click to load the video and click once more to watch.
4) From now on you'll see automatically if there's new ...


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radical cartography


radicalcartography.jpga large set of geographical maps conveying & visually exploring different unusual data sources, such as suicide rates, counties, area codes, animal densities, time zones, rail roads, map projections & so on. [|via]


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UPGRADE! BOSTON: Nathaniel Stern


Jo-Anne Green:


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Nathaniel Stern (Johannesburg/New York City) is an internationally
exhibited installation and video artist, net.artist and performance
poet. His interactive installations have won awards in New York,
Australia and South Africa, and his has been featured in
festivals all over Europe, Asia and the US. Nathaniel's collaborative
physical theatre and multimedia performance work with the Forgotten
Angle Theatre Collaborative has won three FNB Vita Awards and has seen
three main stage features at the Grahamstown Festival, South Africa. His
poetry repertoire includes CBGBs and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the US
National Poetry Slam and the South African HIV/AIDS Arts, Media & Film
Festival. Nathaniel's work, which ranges from academic research to
performative spaces, asks viewers to unpack the everyday, and 'look
again' at our relationships with the world, each other, and ourselves.
It explores said connections, and their implicit sociopolitical
questions, as always incipient, continually emerging.

WHERE: Art Interactive, 130 Bishop Allen Drive, at the corner of
Prospect Street, Cambridge.


December 1, 2005, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Upgrade! Boston:


Jo-Anne Green, Co-Director
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.:
New York: 917.548.7780 . Boston: 617.522.3856
New American Radio:
Networked_Performance Blog and Conference:
Upgrade! Boston:


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We are seeking an experienced and imaginative consultant(s) who can grasp the potential of this project, consolidating previous research, consultation and drawing on new information; develop it through an outline programme and business plan and act as a project champion.A development group led by FACT will support the consultancy and will include representation from Arts Council, Liverpool Culture Company, City Screen and North West Vision


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