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CFP: Grand Theft Auto Essay Collection


A Strategy Guide for Studying the Grand Theft Auto Series: An Edited Collection of Essays Abstract Submission Deadline: October 15, 2005 The present call for papers is for chapter length essays (5,000-7,500 words) that address one or more games in the Grand Theft Auto series… The Grand Theft Auto series of digital games is one of the most [...]


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media art in public urban space

Year Zero One is pleased to present TRANSMEDIA :29:59, a year long exhibition on the pedestrian level video billboard at Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. Launched August 1st 2005, TRANSMEDIA :29:59 features one minute video works 24/7 every half hour on the 29th and 59th minutes. Featured for the month of October is Risa Horowitz's 'Studiopace' & Honeybytes 'Bleury'.

Risa Horowitz's Studiopace is a 60 second video in honour of those thoughtful moments an artist has alone in studio, and the hustle and bustle of passersby at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto's downtown core. A bit of corresponding banality, of killing time, of getting somewhere on important business, of getting nowhere at all, and an homage to Bruce Nauman's old studio experiments conducted partially out of boredom and a love for absurd repetition.

Honeybyte's Bleury is a layering of two different video sequences, which juxtapose perceptions of the urban landscape and the innocent yet inquisitive eyes of children.The first sequence keeps in mind the site-specific nature of the work. It documents a night at the intersection of Ste. Catherine and Bleury streets in Montreal, where the commercial and entertainment districts collide. The sequence captures the aesthetic of Montreal's urban landscape. Lights, cars, billboards and people infuse the landscape and overwhelm the senses. The second sequence, which is layered over the first, is of school children in a garden looking deeply into the camera lens. Their gazes are filled with naivety, and yet seem to convey an energetic and mischievous curiosity

YEAR ZERO ONE is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media through web based exhibitions, site-specific public art projects, an extensive media arts ...


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Here For You



Redirect Surveillance, Control and Distance

Internet participants are invited to participate in a live network performance project opening Friday September 22nd at 7pm online and at the XINDUSTRIA exhibition at CAFKA 05, Kichener, Ontario. Here For You--by Will Pappenheimer--is a prototypical internet controlled space which allows virtual participants to adjust room lighting, see into the space, move objects, time clocks, upload messages and sound from your computer play it for the sound system. The guideline is to redirect surveillance, control and distance into channels of giving for physical visitors in the exhibition space. The exhibition continues through September 30.

This is a large ongoing project with dual physical and virtual levels and the challenges of connectivity and mechanics. It will begin simply develop as the exhibition proceeds.

“Here For You


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Marjan van Mourik: In cooperation with the Institute of Network Cultures, ( has produced a special issue on the art and politics of netporn. Although a growing number of theoretical and historical porn studies have appeared over the last decades, few have focused on the analysis of netporn as complex networks and its embedment within digital media environments. By publishing five new articles based on original research online and freely accessible to all, we hope to contribute to a climate of critical research surrounding the topic of netporn.

The five new articles are: - Nishant Shah, "Playblog: Pornography, Performance, and Cyberspace"
- Manuel Bonik and Andreas Schaale, "The Naked Truth: Internet-Eroticism
and The Search"
- Bert de Muynck, "The Art of Adult Architecture or the Politics of
Pornographic Planning"
- Tim Noonan, "Netporn and the Politics of Disability: A Catalyst for
Access, Inclusion and Acceptance"
- Mireille Miller-Young, "'Because I'm Sexy and Smart!': Black Web
Mistresses Hack Cyberporn"

Publication data: "Special Issue: The Art and Politics of Netporn", ed. by Bas van Heur,, issue 20 (2005).
Stable URL:


This publication coincides with the INC's conference on netporn in Amsterdam currently in session.

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gnom & ecolanguage update


gnomupdate.jpgtwo interesting data visualization projects that were blogged before have been updated recently: the gnom gene visualization now includes two impressive interactive prototypes that allow users to actively explore & browse through different gene functional relationships & structural descriptions, in 2D as well as in 3D.
similarly, ecolanguage now has been broadened to 7 different animated infographics (or so-called 'symbols-in-motion') that visually explain a wide range of complex subjects, such as macro-economics, elementary nature studies & 'the Bush tax cuts'. [ &]


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It's Always Best to be Open...


What does free software mean to cultural producers? As the UK government prepares to host a pan-European conference on the regulation of Intellectual Property, the Open Congress will attempt to answer this question. The organizers (including the Chelsea College of Art and Design, NODE.London, Wireless London, Mute, and Tate Digital Programmes) note, 'The development of Free and Open Source Software has revitalised interest in collaborative creativity, the public domain, and the 'openness' of public institutions.' Their two-day congress, held 7th-8th October at one of London's best-known public institutions (Tate Britain), takes up the themes of Governance, Creativity, and Knowledge, and invites artists, academics, and activists to present and discuss their work. The line-up includes the EFF's Cory Doctorow, the Alternative Law Foundation's Lawrence Liang, 'Hacker Manifesto' author Mckenzie Wark, Libre Society's Johanna Gibson, and Trebor Scholz, of The Institute of Distributed Creativity. - Charlotte Frost


Open Call for Transmission Art Web Projects


Lauren Cornell:
Hello, Please submit to Open Call! See below, and at: for details. -Lauren

Rhizome and free103point9 Open Call for Transmission Art Web Projects

free103point9 and Rhizome are pleased to announce a collaborative call for web-based works that explore transmission as a medium for creative expression. Projects should practically and/or conceptually incorporate transmission themes and tools. Applicants are encouraged to visit free103point9's online Study Center resource for historical, technical, and cultural reference materials on Transmission Art.

Projects should have been completed within the last year of the opening of the exhibition: January 7, 2006. Projects that are in-development at the time of submission will be considered as long as their completion date seems to fit realistically with the exhibition timeline. A modest artist fee will be provided in support of selected projects. We welcome a wide range of interpretations and ideas.

Selected projects will be included in an online exhibition featured by both free103point9 and Rhizome websites January -- March 2006. A live performance and/or presentation event will also take place during the duration of the exhibition.

Open Call October 1, 2005
Submission Deadline October 31, 2005
Notification November 14, 2005
Online Exhibition January -- March 2006
Presentation/Performance March 2006

Please include the following items in your application materials. Proposals should be emailed to no later than midnight October 31, 2005.

Questions regarding your proposal should be directed to Lauren Cornell and Galen Joseph-Hunter.

Name of Artist/Collective
Contact e-mail
Contact phone
Artist Statement
Without exceeding 500 words, please describe your current artistic practice.
Proposed Project Narrative
Without exceeding 1000 words, please describe your project.
Project Timeline
Please outline your development strategy in order to meet a launch date of January 1st.
Work Samples ...


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Caller ID of the Beast


, originally uploaded by atari2600.

The caller ID of the beast, as seen my local Radio Shack. For some reason, when this unit is powered on it shows 6’s until it starts. Totally strange, and a little freaky too.


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David Ellis' Turntable Trunks and Other Digital Deck Art


CDM's report on spinning tech continues . . .

New York David Ellis doesn't treat turntables the way some of us do. His turntables get wired to custom electronics, installed in tree trunks, and shown in galleries:

Opening at Feigan Contemporary [Single-eYe-twiligghT; scroll down]

All of this is possible through the magic of Ms. Pinky, a special vinyl record / software combination that lets you control computer software using conventional turntables. (See our previous report.) Unlike mainstream DJ solutions like Stanton's Final Scratch, this one is cheap ($100 for four discs) and comes with a Max/MSP object so you can build your own custom audio and video patches.

But, of course, what's extraordinary about David Ellis' work is the imaginative, visually stunning worlds into which he injects his turntables. The fact that they're scratchable and produce equally unique sounds just it that much cooler. (Check out the specs on the art below; these are real DJ setups, not just for show.) Makes your Technics 1200s look kinda boring just sitting there, huh? Now, if I can just install my Power Mac G5 into a potted palm-cum-mural . . ..


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Videobrasil on-line



the most complete database on new media art in the 'Southern Cone'

The Videobrasil Cultural Association has put together, in over twenty years, one of the most important collections of electronic art in the Southern Hemisphere, which is now available in this open database to all interested people. Here, you will find information on works, artists, institutions, and collaborators, as well as details on its festivals and exhibitions. With Videobrasil on-line we carry out our diffusion project, and specially focus on the production of the southern circuit. Supported by Prince Claus Fund and SESC SP. [....]


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