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Cut Piece - Yoko Ono


Cut Piece - Yoko Ono
Cut Piece (2006, 36.5MB, 9 min)

“Ono had first done the performance in 1964, in Japan,
and again at Carnegie Hall, in New York, in 1965.
Ono sat motionless on the stage after inviting the audience
to come up and cut away her clothing, covering her breasts
at the moment of unbosoming.”
from Bedazzled .


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Playing in circles


loopScape, by Ryota Kuwakubo, is a game for 2 players with wireless controllers. It is a very classic shooting game. But instead of battling on a flat screen, you have to run around the cylindrical LED screen to follow your spaceship. Another consequence of having a 360° is that once your missile is fired, it will fly round and round until it hits something: hopefully it will hit your opponent's rocket but you might also get shot down by your own missile if the enemy manages to avoid it.


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loopScape --together with Unreflective Mirror, by Masaki Fujihata, A-Volve by Sommerer/Mignonneau, FragMental by exonemo, and works by five other artists-- is part of the Art & Technology Zone, an exhibition area where one can investigate the dialogue between technology and art. The show opens on June 6 and runs until September 9, at ICC, Tokyo.
NTT is also hosting the lovely Kodama installation by Hisako Kroiden Yamakawa.

Other "products" and installation by Kuwakubo: Delay Phone, PLX -parallax of the game, R/V: Robots That Mediate Human-Human Interaction, Duper/looper, fluid, extra!, Bit-Hike, VideoBulb and BitMan, Heaven Seed.


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So-called Performance GIF


OptiDisc Performance (Small)


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A Minute Magazine


Aminima is a Spanish new media magazine addressing the work of artists and researchers interested in the relations between science, technology, art, and culture. Since 2004 it has been publishing articles on art and biology, transgenic art, robotics, software-art, nanotech, net art, network research, and social aspects of new technologies. Recently-released Issue 16 is dedicated to computer games. In it, Laura Baigorri provides the theoretical background that frames the contributions. Departing from the popular notion of reverse engineering, she discusses art's use of computer games to subvert and make a parody of preconceived ethics and aesthetics. Following this line of thought, several different game projects are presented. Perhaps most interesting among them is SweetPad, French Cadet's new USB interface controller allowing three people to play Quake 3 Arena. The joysticks are replaced by the SweetPad device, which players caress slowly and strike delicately in order to move and shoot opponents. Alongside project reviews, various artists are interviewed, including Cory Arcangel, who speaks about his interest in computer games and their larger cultural value. All of this, and more, fits into the 200 pages of this tiny magazine. - Luis Silva

MORE » - Month Of Sunday's Live A/V Net Performances.


marc garrett: - Month Of Sunday's Live A/V Net Performances.

TODAY 16.00 - 18.00 hrs BST (GMT+1).

We kick off our series of live A/V net performances with a mix from the creator & programmer of the file mixing platform Neil Jenkins Furthernoise editor and musician Roger Mills. Their performance juxterposes generative images & textures with manipulated field recordings, trumpet drones and rhythms taking on an otherworldly, ethereal quality with underlying melancholy.

16.45 - 18.00 - Open Mix.

Everyone is welcome to join this Open Mix which is an international A/V collaboration including contributions from viewers online as well as audiences at the Watershed, Bristol & The Point CDC, New York. For anyone who wants to contribute to this mix, media files must be a maximum of 200k and can be mp3, swf, flv & jpg formats.

All mixes will be recorded to be featured in the next issue.

Log into file mixing studio -

Related info:

For more info about VS -
Credits -


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a MySpace LuvStory


mark cooley:

OneSmallStep: a MySpace LuvStory

We are not ourselves. We cut and paste as we are cut and pasted. we are the remix of images and sounds that never existed outside of this mediated dream. And we are happy to exist this way.

OneSmallStep is an unfolding automated jam - a conscious sampling and randomized regurgitation of media archeology wherein desire, fantasy and fetish form a composted feast for the withered and lonely senses in an eternally habitual loop of voyeuristic consumption, spectacular regurgitation, virtual intimacy and identity production/consumption.

With each launch, OneSmallStep runs continuously while randomly remixing content form a database that is periodically updated. OneSmallStep is a conceptually interactive work, and also, a non-clickable work.

Important Technical Notes:
Browser preferences must be set to accept pop-up windows.

Browser must have Flash player (7 or later) installed.
System speaker Volume up.
Hi-speed connection prefered.

OneSmallStep: a Myspace LuvStory is a project developed for Concept Trucking, an exhibiton venue maintained by LeisureArts that uses MySpace as its platform. It hosts work that critiques, mimics, or otherwise utilizes the structural logic of social networking sites and other Web 2.0 phenomena.

Last database update:
June 2, 2006 v.1-172 - the Eternal Download Mix

OneSmallStep: a MySpace LuvStory


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Art & Mapping - special issue of Cartographic Perspectives




The National Assocation of America Cartographers (NACIS) has released a special issue of their journal, Cartographic Perspectives:

Art and Mapping
Issue 53, Winter 2006
Edited by Denis Wood and John Krygier
Price: $25

The issue includes articles by kanarinka, Denis Wood, Dalia Varanka and John Krygier, and an extensive catalogue of map artists compiled

by Denis Wood. See abstracts below.


-Read thru for abstracts on each piece, and information on how to order.

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Review of Alexander R. Galloway's 'Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture'


Thomas Beard:

+Commissioned by
Review of Alexander R. Galloway's 'Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture'
By Thomas Beard

The literature of video games is a curious one. Ranging from Martin Amis' all but forgotten debut, Invasion of the Space Invaders; a compendium of hot tips for arcade classics like Defender; to the coin-op psychologizing of Charles Bernstein; Play It Again, Pac-Man; and beyond, it somehow manages to encompass at once the enthusiasms of that British belletrist and analyses from every imaginable clique of critical theory. Different as those two camps might be, a recent addition to this growing body of work, Alexander R. Galloway's Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture, has drawn from both. An NYU professor, media theorist, and founding member of Radical Software Group (RSG), Galloway states from the outset that his is a book about loving video games; setting him firmly apart from the more clinically-minded of his peers. That said, the book is hardly the stuff of fanboy effusion, but rather a skillful address to the broad intellectual histories of gaming and a likely source of new debates.


-Read thru for full review!

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HYMN [two] telematic performance action


Jason Sloan:

tuesday june 6, 2006 at 9:00pm artist jason.sloan will perform the next work in the hymns series of telematic performance works. hymn[two] will be broadcast live on the web and can be viewed at:

the hymn series will conclude later this summer with hymn[three] that work will also be broadcast live on the web.

leading up to the event jason will occasionly be online in his studio testing the equipment so feel free to check out the feed. if you just see an "x" broken image icon or grey box, don't panic, the camera is just offline.

jason is planning more live telematic actions summer. be sure to check out the for more information.


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Call for Papers - The Future of Digital Media Culture


Andrew Hutchison:

Call for Papers - Please distribute to relevant forums

perthDAC 2007 - The Future of Digital Media Culture
7th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference
15 -18th September 2007, Perth, Australia.

KEYWORDS - computer games, hypertext theory and literature, new media narrative, streaming media, interactive and networked performance, digital aesthetics, interactive cinema, theory, art, bio-art, nano-art, augmented reality, cyberculture, electronic fiction, electronic music, electronic art, games culture, games system design, games theory, interactive architecture, cinema and video, MOOs, MUDs, RPG, virtual reality, virtual worlds.

perthDAC is the seventh iteration of Digital Arts and Culture. DAC was the first conference to attract and present the work of researchers, practitioners and artists working across the field of digital arts, cultures, aesthetics and design.

In September 2007, DAC will be hosted as the key international conference in the public program of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP) in Perth, Australia. BEAP celebrates and critiques new and novel technologies (digital, bio, nano, other) by showcasing artworks made with, or that are about, new technologies. perthDAC's conference program will be closely inter-woven with BEAP's exhibitions.

perthDAC's academic programme is being developed with the close co-operation and support of the fibreculture forum, who will also be active on the perthDAC conference steering committee.

Papers are sought for PerthDAC 2007 that will illuminate both the near and long term Future of Digital Media Culture. Papers which present research outcomes, track trends or developments, describe case studies or works in progress, are speculative projection, challenge existing paradigms or record a history, are all welcome. Submissions are encouraged from any professional, craft or scholarly field that relates to communications art/design, cultural expression, practice and aesthetics, and the technical means by which they are enabled.

perthDAC ...


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