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Heath Bunting + UBERMORGEN.COM



(former) net artists

OVERGADEN Institute of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Artnode will open two solo exhibitions by Heath Bunting and UBERMORGEN.COM as well as a special exhibition that joins the work of the two artists. Heath Bunting and the duo UBERMORGEN.COM. Two pioneers, rebels and stars of net art. This is the first time they exhibit together. Almost without computers!

Curated by Jacob Lillemose: June 15 - July 16, 2006; Private view: Wednesday June 14, 2006, 5 pm - 8 pm; Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm.

Cutting, Climbing, Crossing will present a number of Heath Bunting's recent works which deal with issues of borders, identity and physical space. Central to the exhibition will be the world premiere of Bunting's ongoing project "The Status Project," a mapping of the multi-layered logic of the mobility and legal routes of the social system. The work will be presented as wall-mounted diagrams, an interactive database and a 4,200-page manual!

[F]originals: Authenticity as Consensual Hallucination is the third and closing part of an international joint venture between OVERGADEN - Institute of Contemporary Art /Artnode, [] and Hartware MedienKunstVerein. The exhibition will be a classical painting show, consisting of 6 large square canvasses with digital prints of the official seals from UBERMORGEN.COM's projects from the last five years. The paintings are "[F]originals" - originals and forgeries - and refer to the ambiguous status of the 'documents' that UBERMORGEN.COM produce through their dealing with issues of our technology-based culture.

dayplandrugblog. two ways to live your life as a (former) net artist features another world premiere or actually many works that deal with diaries. Heath Bunting will show 365 of his daily what-to-do maps (one for each day of 2005) drawn by hand on paper, while UBERMORGEN.COM will show ...


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Geeks in the Gallery: An Interview with Artists Tom Moody and Michael Bell-Smith (Part One of Three)



"Geeks in the Gallery" is a three part discussion with artists Michael Bell-Smith and Tom Moody , which will run on Art Fag City from Monday June 12 - Wednesday, June 14, 2006. A recurring theme of the talk is how technology informs artistic production, as both artists have individually exhibited work usually described as New Media, yet also seem somewhat skeptical of "tech art." Moody's "Room Sized Animated GIFs" at artMovingProjects in Brooklyn is comprised of animated GIFs projected or displayed on variable sized CRT monitors/tube televisions, plus a looping movie of the artist performing a computer-fabricated (but realistic-sounding) "guitar solo." The show dates are May 5th - June 25, 2006; it can also be viewed online on the artist's site. Bell-Smith's exhibit "Focused, Forward," closed last week at Foxy Production Gallery and included digital animations steeped in the aesthetics of '80s and '90s video games, a print depicting collaged patterns that create a virtual Tower of Babel and a game table-like video sculpture with a simulated radar graph of birds circling over the White House. Show dates were April 27 -June 3, 2006; it can be viewed online at . Comments this series are welcome, and will be hosted on Tom Moody's blog. [More....]


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Dial The Sun


Texas based artist, Max Kazemzadeh’s "Sun.Dial" project is a "an internet-based installation project that fosters a sense of shared global space and time. The principle system consists of twelve LCD displays suspended from an overhead apparatus in an outward-facing ring. This circular display is the hub of a world-wide input system. Each screen displays the information from one of twelve webcams located at intervals around the world. Each camera faces upward, capturing only the sky in each location. This creates a light gradient ring that displays the current state of the sky's light at points around the globe. When it is dawn in one screen, it is noon a few steps over, and nightfall a few steps down from that. A connection is created between the hosting site, where sun.dial is located, and the locations capturing the light of the sun. The piece is in a way a digital incarnation of the astrolabes and orreries that were the beginnings of technology's global perspective..." Looks cool - haven't seen it in person yet, but I like the idea of using networked, web-cam images as a unified real-time display clock.


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Voices of the C64


C64 music, live

There’s a nice piece by Karen Collins in Soundscapes, discussing Commodore 64 game music: “Loops and bloops.” The article delves into the SID (Sound Interface Device) in some technical detail, but the thing I found most interesting was the discussion of the influence of another contemporary platform later in the C64’s retail life. The tendency of the Nintendo Entertainment System to have music during gameplay (as opposed to just during the introduction or upon completing a level) is seen to influence the way music was used on the C64. Ben Daglish and Martin Galway (famous C64 composers) are quoted in the piece, looping is discussed at length (as the article’s title suggests), and the freewheeling use of cover songs is described. Thanks to Jesper for mentioning this one.

Fans of such things should check out the blog C64 Music, which covers things like the 2006 tour of Welle:Erdball, a C64-based musical group. The photograph, via this blog, is of this group and was taken by sml!


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Event links


Che Guevara: Revolutionary & Icon
7 June, 2006 - 28 August, 2006
V&A, London, UK

"The portrait of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Heroic Guerrilla, is the most reproduced image in the history of photography. Taken in 1960, at the highpoint of the Cuban revolution, it can be seen on posters and T-shirts and souvenirs all over the world ... Although there is debate about the true nature of Che's activities, he remains the most charismatic revolutionary leader of modern times. Korda's famous photograph first deified Che and then turned him into an icon of radical chic. Its story - a complex mesh of conflicting narratives - has given Heroic Guerrilla a life of its own, an enduring fascination independent from Che himself." (see also: Korda's Che)

Urban Networks
9 June, 2006 - 6 August, 2006
Art Interactive, Cambridge, USA

"Urban Networks features five interactive art projects that examine social encounters and explorations in urban places. The works in this exhibition employ a range of technological devices that create urban community connections and offer insights into how emerging technologies might play an alternative role in our experience of everyday urban life." (via)

SonarMatica: ALWAYS ON
15 - 17 June, 2006
Sonar2006, Barcelona, ES

"ALWAYS ON is a display dedicated to mobile culture and location projects. It is an initiative based on exhibition and participation, taking SonarMatica out onto the streets for the first time. Participants include Proboscis' Urban Tapestries/Social Tapestries, Blast Theory's Day of the Figurines, and Michelle Teran's Life: A User's Model." (via)

Future City: Experiment and Utopia in Architecture 1956 - 2006
15 June 2006 - 17 September 2006
Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK

"What would it be like to live in a hairy house, a floating city, or an inflatable pod? Pure fantasy or the shape of things to come ...


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The VlogTheory wiki is a work in progress (aren't they all?) to support research into the theory and practice of videoblogging.


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[no title]



Painting Manufacture Unit by Roxy Paine. A spray nozzle mounted on a large moving arm travels in front of a canvas, spraying acrylic paint as it makes its pass. After a programmed amount of inactivity, which allows the paint to dry, the arm gets to work again and makes another pass.


Auto Sculpture Maker creates an endless series of amorphous sculptural blobs.


Drawing Machine floods paint into a mixing chamber and dispenses it via a spray nozzle that travels a pre-programmed course over the paper. After making its pass and releasing its paint load, the machine rests, allowing the paint to dry-before another pass is made. All three machines by Roxy Paine.


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Call for submissions


Digital Art Projects:

For more information visit

The Gao Brothers invite you to collaborate in


A joint venture between Beijing New Art Projects / China, the Institute for New Media, Frankfurt a.M. / Germany and Digital Art Projects / UK

The Factory 798 Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing / China

1 – 16 September 2006 >>>>>> DEADLINE 15 August 2006

Following the success of FIELD OF VISION : NEW YORK and FIELD OF VISION : EXTREMES, FIELD OF VISION : BEIJING will be the third in this series of combined internet / physical world events. This time the organising artists are asking everyone to submit images and text about China, everything Chinese or influenced by China.

The Gao Brothers and artists group Digital Art Projects invite you to submit ANY KIND of images and text showing China AS YOU SEE IT, whether you live there, have been there or not. These could be abstract or figurative. They are particularly looking for images containing the colour red, images of Chinese text in any form and they would be really pleased if you send a short note, comment, statement or even a longer essay accompanying your work. All images are printed out postcard size and a selection of about 500 will be assembled on location into a billboard format collage.

Photographs, pictures downloaded from the internet or magazine cuttings, small artworks for example paintings, scanned objects, drawings, collages and electronically generated imagery are all acceptable but must be digitised and sent as e-mail attachments or uploaded to our server.

- You can submit as much images and text as you like
- Image file formats: .jpeg, .gif, .png
- File size: max 1 megabyte per image



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Interface Culture Master in Linz - accepting applications


Master Study Interface Cultures at University of Art and Design in Linz Austria
(4 semester)
The Interface Culture masters degree program, founded by media artists Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, is an artistic-scientific study to educated media artists and media researchers in creative and innovative interface and interaction design.
The study lasts two years and concentrates on project-oriented and theory-based training in interactive digital media, combining art with research, the development of projects and prototypes with scholarly publication.
Subjects thought include: interactive art, interaction design, game design, tangible interfaces, auditory interfaces, fashionable technologies, wearable devices, intelligent ambiences, sensor technologies, telecommunication and new experimental forms of human-machine, human-human and machine-machine interactions.   


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Rhizome Promotion: A Win-Win Situation


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